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Cold, bleak winter: Even the North East’s highest earners will only heat children’s rooms this winter

As the North East faces into crippling energy prices a new survey has found even the region’s ‘high earners’ will only be heating their kids rooms this winter.

A heart-breaking third of the 2,000 adults surveyed by Airgon said they would be forced to just heat their children’s bedrooms rather than the whole house to save money on energy bills – even some of the highest earners (£65,0001-75,000) will be forced to make this choice (41%).

Nearly 75% of people surveyed from the North East claimed they would struggle to by buy food – with nearly 1 in 10 saying they will be unable to feed their children.

Bedding down for winter, a quarter of Geordies (Newcastle residents) confess they plan to spend more time in ‘mum and dads’ home to save money on their own rising energy bills. Nearly half (47%) of 16- to 34-year-olds will be returning to the nest – spending more time with relatives to reduce their own rising cost of living.

Across the UK, nearly a quarter of Brits said they would move in with elderly relatives to avoid the energy prices and to support them with bills.

And it doesn’t stop there, when asked how they would reduce spend on bills, 24% of North East respondents said they would look to spend more time at their friends’ houses to offset the difference.

Young brits were among the savviest– more than a third of 16–34-year-olds confessed they would likely hang with pals to save the pennies.

Worryingly, the sentiment of making tough choices was echoed across the Airgon research as many admitted they would have to choose between food and heating when it came to tackling living costs.

When the energy prices go up 38% of Brits won’t be able to put money into their savings accounts, 29% won’t be able to go on holiday and 27% won’t be able to dine out.

Ahead of the rises many have been getting creative with their options, 57% of brits said they would boycott changing the clocks come October if they believed it would save light hours and reduce bill prices. And some have turned to home improvement installing solar panels (7%), secondary glazing (4%), insulation (8%) and switching to using an open fire or wood burner (8%).

Airgon is a brand-new solution, a small household device that easily attaches to the pipework between your boiler and your heating system – it can reduce heating costs by up to 20% every year.

Charles Ross, inventor of Airgon, said: “Removing the air from your central heating system is a proven money saver and it isn’t one that many people consider. Saving 20% on your monthly heating bill this winter could make literally life-saving differences to some households.”

Whilst Airgon is new to the domestic market, similar technology has been saving thousands each year for businesses such as care homes and hotels. It is proven to save money from the day you install it, and those savings continue month on month, year on year, as it optimises and protects your boiler and your heating system.

Airgon is proven to save people more money, pound for kW on average, than A-rated double glazing or cavity wall insulation. With double glazing and insulation costs reaching into the thousands, a £249 Airgon is the smarter and far more attainable choice for struggling families this winter.

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