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COP26 “Love is the Only Solution” presented by British Actor Peter Egan

“Love is the Only Solution”  presented by British Actor Peter Egan

The Climate-Science Backed Solution to Rapidly Reverse Climate Change at 80% Less Cost

Conference Date/Time:           4 November 2021 at 4pm GMT

Where:                                     Press Conference in D. Lomond Suite, Blue Zone, COP26, Glasgow

British Actor Peter Egan, of Downton Abbey fame, invites climate journalists to join him as he presents a science that is the fastest way to reverse climate change and do it affordably. The concept is a call out to every single human being on the planet to embrace.

Mr. Egan will reveal multiple solutions outlined in a new free e-book “Love is the Only Solution” written by an international best-selling author, solutions that are not well discussed yet are simply perfect.

For example, 1)  if we increase our love towards animals, we become vegan, which reduces the cost of mitigating climate change by over 80% (reference Climate Benefits of changing diet) and 2) it also increases the speed at which we can reverse climate change (due to shorter-lived climate forcers).

In the book, the climate visionary author shares a letter she wrote to all global leaders:

“Destructive signs are evident everywhere. WARNING SIGNS ARE AMBER and obvious around our world! Our climate is accelerating. Animal raising, fish, egg, milk industries, etc., anything to do with animals, are the worst producers of lethal methane gas which heats up our planet. So, stopping these brutal, murderous businesses is the fastest way to cool our Earth. You have the power to stop all this. You have the privilege to IMPLEMENT VEGAN LAW, NO MORE ANIMAL RELATED SUFFERING BUSINESSES. Zero pain, agony for all beings, humans, and animals. Because kindness will beget kindness, and compassion will beget compassion.”

Through Love in Action for the animals, love for nature, each other, our families and even our enemies, we can create an Eden on Earth. The energy of LOVE will have a protective effect that will not only heal the planet but also elevate its inhabitants to a higher state of consciousness. The author goes on to urge us: 

“We have to be the source of inspiration, of nobility and love, especially if we have been shown how,

by others’ example. If we have love, all good will come our way.

We can start to love now, today, and continue tomorrow into the future.

Love yourself, love your family, love your neighbors, love all around us.

Without love in our heart, we are almost nothing, just a burden to ourselves, to loved ones, and society. Love is not a word on our lips, love must be our feeling inside, and action translated outside.

Love the animals, we’ll be vegan.    Love the Earth, we’ll go green.    Love the world, save the planet.”

Climate change has been called “a planetary emergency”. However, with the unified effort of all humans, there is a solution. Love is the ONLY Solution. “Make THE VEGAN LAW to save our world.”

The e-book is available now for FREE at Google Play Books, and here:

For further information please contact: Katelijne Van Look + 44 7944 051030 – Katelijne@veganlaw.co.uk

As you leave the Press Conference, remember to pick up a bag filled with international best-selling books AND your “Banquet Box” of delicious vegan food created by some of the finest vegan chefs in the world.

Peter Egan’s impressive acting career spans an incredible 50 years including recent TV programmes Downton Abbey, Midsomer Murders, Unforgotten and After Life.

Peter is a long time animal lover and vegan. Starting in 2010, he began to campaign publicly on behalf of animal rights and animal welfare.

In January 2016, Egan participated in Veganuary, and has remained vegan.