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Costumer’s Rights That You Should Know When Buying a New Vehicle

ByDave Stopher

Oct 7, 2020 #Motoring

Honestly speaking, most of us know about the bill rights. Unfortunately, very few people are aware of their consumer rights, more so when it comes to buying a new car. Some of these rights are integrated into federal and state laws while others come as a courtesy of good old fashioned customer service. And since not all car dealers are courteous enough to let customers know their rights, the whole experience can be a daunting endeavor especially for first-time buyers. Fortunately, at RDSLaw.com we feel that it is important for you to know your rights and exercise them whenever necessary so that you can be in full control of your car buying experience.

So, before signing that legally binding contract of sale, here are a few rights you should leverage in your favor.

1. Right to know the True Market Value (TMV) and pricing of the car you are intending to buy

To be honest, accurate and up to date pricing information is the bedrock of any good car deal. Therefore, go an extra mile and look for True Market Value printouts and carry them with you to the car dealership you are considering to get your car from. Besides this information, you can leverage on other online and offline tools to get a virtual pricing picture of the car you are intending to buy. If you don’t have the time for all this painstaking undertaking, go for a car dealer who is ready to provide you with this information upfront.

In other words, it is your right to know what the contract contains and not to be secretly of covertly charged for extras or add-ons, even if they are already fitted in the car without being informed in advance. This way, you will be in a position to bargain for a fair and favorable car deal.

2. The right to change your salesperson if you feel you are not being treated right

If you’ve decided to shop for your car the old school way- walking into a car lot- and you are not happy with the sales representative handling your case, you are free to leave or ask the sales manager to appoint another sales person to complete your deal. Reason being, if you feel pressured or uncomfortable in the initial stages of the purchase, you will end up being coerced into a raw deal. To avoid this, be ready to exercise this right the moment you walk into that car dealership.

3. You have the right to a car-buying experience that is free of misrepresentation and other forms of cruel and unusual retributions.

Being one of the biggest decisions you will ever make in your life, buying a new car is supposed to be exciting and fun.It shouldn’t be in any way – as many people like putting – getting a root canal at your dentist’s office. Therefore, whenever you feel that your car dealership is not straight with you, don’t hesitate or remind them of this right and go elsewhere in search of a reliable and dependable dealership to ensure that the whole process is painless and even pleasurable. On this note, it is important to be careful because some dealerships can conspire to misrepresent the value of a car.Fortunately, you can invoke this right to safe and don’t forget to inform the relevant authorities. According to Tony Scheer from RDSLaw.com, using false confessions from co-conspirators is a common tactic used to get a confession out of an alleged criminal.

4. You have the right to refuse search and seizure of your personal information or credit report

Though it is reasonable for a sales representative to ask you for your driver’s license before taking the car for a test drive, it is an infringement of this right for them to run your credit report without your consent or even ask for it before giving you a chance to take the car for a test drive. Therefore, never let it happen.

5. You have the right to have your car delivered without delays

After saying yes to a deal or signing a bill of sale at a car dealership, you do not have to wait for long to have your car delivered. If you shopped over the internet, ask for your car to be delivered to your ideal address. And if you choose to physically go and get your car, ensure that you have all the paperwork ready before going there to avoid any delays caused by you. You can also exercise your right to leave the dealership and pick your car later.

As we conclude, there can be no denying that arming yourself with lots of information is the only way to make sure that salespeople don’t take advantage of your weaknesses. Speaking of which, bearing these rights in mind will prove to be an important asset when time to bargain for a good deal comes.

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