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Cowboy Vs. Cowgirl Hats – What Are The Major Differences Between Two?

Cowboy hats are typically smaller than cowgirl hats. They also point low on the forehead and have high crowns with deep brims. Cowgirl hats are more fashion-forward, though they have similarities in their high, sloping crowns and wide brims. The length of the brim does vary more between cowboy and cowgirl styles, but this is much less important for these types of headgears than it is for other types of clothing like coats or dresses.

Modern hats have changed the game by offering a great variety of colors and designs. Both cowboy and cowgirl hats are now available in thousands of varieties to meet specific users’ demands. These two hat types might seem similar to you. In reality, there are significant differences between these two. From the basic color and material to size and shape, you can notice many points of variation between a cowboy and cowgirl hat. Few such common points of variation and the differences are detailed here.


Cowboy hats have their origin in the early 19th century. Initially, they were made mostly of wool. However, for a while, it was not easy to find the right material for making cowboy hats, which is why the creation of synthetic material with great qualities was needed. Therefore, the cowboy hat makers used various materials like straw and nylon.

In their making, a cowgirl hat comprises different types of fabrics like cotton, velvet or satin, etc. The designs have changed considerably with time, and many stylish new designs are now being made using different fabrics and colors.

Overall Shape

In the past, the cowboy hats had their crowns shaped so that they could be flat like other hats. Nowadays, due to the various needs of different users, there are now many variations in shapes and designs that you can choose from. The shapes vary depending on the needs of each user, and you can also go for ones that are more fashionable or simple than others if you want to. For example, you can choose a hat with a low crown or a high crown with brims.

While the cowboy hats for men are designed firmly, the cowgirl hats are designed to prioritize the style. The cowboy hats are broad to cover a large head area, whereas cowgirl hats come in a smaller base. Cowgirl hats are competitively bolder and longer in shape than cowboy hats.

Color Differences

The two hats have subtle shades of difference evident in their color. Cowboy hats are predominantly blue and black, but white, brown, and other colors also come into the equation. From the early days, cowboy hat has been only blue. You will only solid and dark color cowboy hats in the market.

There is a huge color variety in the market for cowgirl hats. From different shades of pink to several light color hat pieces, cowgirl hats offer a wide variety of color options. The colors are mostly light and decent based on the likeness of women for such decent color pieces.


There are several designs of cowboy hats in the market, which bear different decorations on them. The decorations give them a different look and a variation that most users look forward to having. Decorations in cowboy hats include feathers, bandanas, beads, and other decorative accessories. Beads are the ones that typically adorn cowboy hats nowadays.

Cowgirl hat pieces have different decoration styles, but they do not have as many variations as their male counterparts. However, there are some common features of decoration in cowgirl hats, which include decorative bands and flowers. In addition, you can find some typical beautiful designs with floral patterns and precious stones or crystals to make it look more stunning and fashionable for the user.

Style and Fit

Cowboy hats are generally for men. Mainly it is for the men who want a stylish hat, which is not too common to find in the market. Women’s cowboy hats are more common than the male ones as they are made from more fashionable fabric, one that is softer.

Cowgirl hats have been made known due to their stylishness and look. It can be worn in different places, on formal occasions, or in simple daily attire for women. However, women do not wear cowboy hats as they are uncomfortable and come with a bad fit, causing headaches and neck pains, forcing them to avoid wearing them altogether.

Different users use both cowboy hats and cowgirl hats for various purposes. While men regularly use the cowboy hat, the cowgirl hat is mostly ready to wear by women. Both hat types come in various colors and styles, which enable them to be worn differently. Some basic differences enable you to choose depending on your specific user requirements and taste.


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