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  • Dazzling sun and spring showers can present their own unique driving challenges
  • Slippery roads, spray and dazzling sun were contributory factors for almost 9,000 reported vehicle accidents in one year alone
  • Motorists can improve their driving by taking a course advises TrackDays.co.uk

Drivers making essential journeys should be prepared for distinctive road hazards at this time of the year including downpours and dazzling sun advises TrackDays.co.uk, a leading driving experience provider.

Indeed, even though the days are getting longer and warmer, spring presents its own characteristic motoring challenges for British drivers, some of which were contributory factors for almost 9,000 reported accidents in just 12 months.

These include slippery roads due to the weather, spray from other vehicles and dazzling sun as highlighted by the Department for Transport.

Dan Jones, operations manager at www.trackdays.co.uk, whose packages include improving driver performance, said: “Motorists shouldn’t be fooled into a false sense of security just because we’re through the harsh winter months.

“In fact, spring presents its own unique driving challenges including heavy downpours caused by the jet stream moving northwards, bringing areas of large depression, strong winds and, of course, normally plenty of rain.

“This is coupled with the fact that the sun is still quite low in the early morning and afternoon with the potential to dazzle drivers.”

To combat extreme wet weather driving conditions, drivers can learn how to control a skid through a skid control experience. Exercises include training for emergency braking, plus understeer and oversteer.

Dan added: “Simple steps to stay as safe as possible on the road in a downpour include slowing down, maintaining a safe distance from the vehicle in front and avoiding heavy braking.”

For more information about TrackDays.co.uk, or to book a skid control experience which is available as a 10-month gift voucher, visit www.trackdays.co.uk