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Emergency service workers benefit from lowest car insurance throughout pandemic


Feb 28, 2022 #Car Insurance

Paramedics, firefighters and police officers dominate the rankings for the lowest car insurance premiums according to new figures from Quotezone.co.uk.

Data from the insurance comparison website shows that paramedics pay an average of £452 annually for a private car insurance policy, followed by ambulance crews, £469, firefighters, £492, and police officers, £565.

Ministers of religion, £538, and nurses, £570, are also competitively priced, enjoying some of the lowest quotes recorded.

Students and hospitality workers have some of the highest premiums – most likely due to this grouping’s lower average age.

Greg Wilson, Founder of Quotezone.co.uk, comments: “Younger drivers tend to have less driving history for insurance companies to incorporate into their risk analysis – insurance claims data also indicates that younger drivers are more likely to be involved in a road traffic accident.”

Last year’s professional car premiums figures showed police officers enjoyed the lowest premiums at £488, moving down to sixth place this time around with an average premium increase of £76.

This new dataset, collected across the UK throughout 2021, is based on a sample of more than 175,000 car insurance policies, covering personal vehicle use only and based on or below the UK’s average car value at £25,000.

Greg Wilson, Founder of Quotezone.co.uk, continues: “A motorist’s profession can have a notable impact on insurance costs. Emergency services personnel are generally viewed as being more responsible road users due to the nature of their job – in many cases lowering their risk and therefore their premium.

“But a car owner’s job is far from the only variable, there are lots of other factors within the professions grouping that can affect the risk analysis, such as age, postcode and number of claims made. So, no matter what job people have, there are ways to make worthwhile savings and reduce premiums.”

Greg recommends the following tips to help lower premiums:

  • Park in a secure location overnight – Quotezone.co.uk’s own data shows drivers can save an average of £140 a year by parking on a driveway compared to a road as this might cut down on accidental damage and risk of theft.
  • Beware of penalty points – three points on a licence can mean 5% more on a premium every year for the four years an infringement stays on a licence. Six points pushes up fees by as much as 25%.
  • Build up your no-claims bonus – and report it accurately to the insurer.
  • Switch to a smaller engine – consider switching to a car with a less powerful engine, especially if buying a new vehicle.
  • Shop around – insurance comparison websites are a good place to compare a range of policies.

Quotezone.co.uk’s motoring cover includes specialist policies such as young drivers’ insurance and over 70s car  insurance, helping around 3 million users every year, with over 400 insurance brands across 60 different products.


For practical purposes we’ve taken 20 popular jobs as an illustration of average premiums.

This new dataset, collected across the UK throughout 2021, is based on a sample of more than 175,000 car insurance policies, covering personal vehicle use only and based on or below a car value at £25,000.

Profession Fee NCB average Miles average per year Age Car value
Paramedic £451.93 9.95 9095 42.11 £15052
Ambulance crew £468.94 8.69 8990 41.96 £13693
Firefighter £492 10.28 9390 40.73 £14894
Minister of religion £537.62 9.85 9060 52.2 £13793
Ambulance driver £542.25 10 7500 46.56 £13525
Police officer £564.84 8.93 9030 37.1 £15158
Nurse £570.13 8.18 8800 42.55 £14583
Driving instructor £612.55 8.92 14185 49.65 £14223
Architect £613.41 7.21 8335 40.64 £13831
Lawyer £617.16 7.76 8780 39.69 £15130
Taxi driver £645.7 6.04 13175 48.28 £13304
Engineer £653.07 7.57 8525 40.45 £14535
Accountant £661.54 7.55 8150 39.19 £14163
Farmer £664.80 8.97 8850 42.96 £13636
Doctor £709.34 5.83 8500 38.81 £15789
Bar manager £737.54 6.36 8950 41.19 10273
Van driver £745.67 7.39 7950 43.72 £11925
Delivery driver £755.37 6.8 7925 42.98 £11461
Farm worker £797.73 5.07 8335 35.56 £9110
Hotel worker £839.77 3.62 12280 36.84 £9570

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