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Apr 25, 2020 #Ventilator
  • Innovative portable ventilator uses standard off-the-shelf medical components, already approved for medical use
  • Prototype manufactured, calibrated, tested at Envisage Group in Coventry and successfully reviewed by ICU consultant
  • Utilises Envisage Group’s electro-mechanical capabilities, more normally applied to automotive & transportation engineering concept development
  • Ventilator designed to meet the needs of the NHS in fighting the Covid-19 pandemic
  • Learn more about Envisage Group: https://www.envisagegroupltd.com

Coventry, April 9th, 2020 – Envisage Group, the UK’s leading engineering concept design and realisation company, has independently created an innovative portable ventilator concept using off-the-shelf medical components.

Answering the UK government’s call to assist in the production of more ventilators to support the urgent needs of the NHS during the Covid-19 crisis, Envisage Group has applied its electro-mechanical capabilities to the project, which are more normally used to support new product development for a host of industries, including transportation.

Developing the concept from scratch in a matter of weeks, Envisage Group’s prototype ventilator uses components already approved for medical use combined with some in-house fabricated parts. Crucial assistance has also come from a team of specialist advisors at top-20 UK management consultancy, Vendigital, along with healthcare regulatory specialists, Woodley BioReg, who have supported Envisage Group with medical device expertise in regulatory approval and supply-chain management, while the ventilator concept itself has been calibrated and tested on a CPR training manikin and successfully reviewed by an ICU Consultant.

Tim Strafford, Envisage Group CEO, said: “We wanted to rapidly answer the government’s call to arms to help with ventilator production and urgently deliver new products to the NHS. Our electro-mechanical capabilities are more normally applied to automotive and transportation engineering concept development, but they have been invaluable in designing and manufacturing this ventilator concept.

“Using both readily available commercially-off-the-shelf components as well as some fabricated in-house parts, this new product is suited to high volume production at a low cost. While it meets the requirements that the UK government has called for, the device is also relevant for other regions, particularly where cost can be a barrier and manufacturing capabilities are limited.”

About Envisage Group
Envisage Group was established in 2009 with one vision: to be the world’s most successful, bespoke engineering services company. Based in Coventry, UK, but with an international footprint in the US and India, Envisage Group is a leading supplier of concept design, realisation and engineering services to the automotive and wider mobility markets. 

The Group incorporates Envisage Concept Design and Engineering, Envisage Technologies and Envisage Classic and Bespoke. Clients range from the largest and most prestigious OEMs and product manufacturers to start-ups and even high net worth individuals. In addition to its design and engineering divisions, the Group also incorporates Envisage Recruitment, a specialist engineering recruitment department.

Working closely with OEMs at the front end of their vehicle programmes, Envisage Group offers both design and realisation expertise from concepts, to test public reaction, through the detailed engineering that ensures a programme delivers the right end product. Thanks to a unique set of skills, the business can even build low-volume runs of fully engineered vehicles.

The Group has a global reputation for engineering expertise and craftsmanship; and for the exceptional quality of its services. Although the vast majority of Envisage Group’s work is within the automotive industry, it also operates within marine and aerospace.

About Vendigital
Vendigital is a top-20 Management Consultancy, as listed in the FT’s Leading UK Management Consultancies Special Report. Operating from hubs in Europe, America and Asia, the firm specialises in advising corporates and other organisations in cost and operational strategy.   

The firm’s exceptional analytical capabilities, underpinned by bespoke software and sector expertise solve clients’ toughest cost and operational problems, with the benefits implemented quickly and effectively. By identifying and understanding strategic levers for improving operational and financial performance the firm gives its clients’ Boards the confidence to act decisively.  


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