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Oct 13, 2023 #Gaming

Geomag (383) Supercolor 42 Piece Set £29.99 from Toys R Us

Let your child’s imagination soar as they build 3D structures using magnets and sturdy plastic panels. It’s a fantastic way to boost their spatial awareness, logical thinking, and fine motor skills.

Geomag (536) Glitter 60-Piece Set £38.99 from Amazon

This super stylish line of magnetic sets is perfect for those who adore sparkly colours. Plus, the practical storage boxes are made of recycled plastic, so it’s a win for sustainability too!

Geomag (763) Mechanics Loops & Turns 130 Piece Set £36.99 from Toys R Us

If your audience loves engineering and mechanics, they’ll go nuts for this one. With magnetic rods, non-magnetic spheres, and cool mechanical elements, kids can build moving and functional structures. It’s a creativity and problem-solving extravaganza.

Geomag (328) Glow 25 Piece Set £19.99 from Toys R Us

Get ready for a glowing experience! This set includes everything your audience needs to create models that light up in the dark. Plus, the practical storage boxes are made from 100% recycled plastic. Fun and eco-friendly!

Geomag (202) Magicube Shapes 13 Piece Set £29.95 from Amazon

Designed for little ones, these chunky and colorful magnetic cubes are perfect for toddlers and pre-schoolers. They’re fantastic for enhancing hand-eye coordination, sensory exploration, and cognitive skills.

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