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Facts You Need to Know About PPE Facemasks

ByDave Stopher

Jan 23, 2019 #Coronavirus

PPE Face Masks are a crucial measure to suppress transmission and to save lives. Health workers are more likely to be exposed to COVID-19 because patients with suspected, possible or confirmed COVID-19 are in close contact with them.

Health staff, nurses and visitors should wear a mask at all times while they are in the health facility in areas of population or cluster transmission, even though physical distance can be maintained. Proper use helps to keep health workers safe and prevents COVID-19 from spreading. Continue reading to find out The top 3 facts you need to know about PPE Face Masks!

Fact #1 – Essential PPE Masks Like Surgical Masks And N-95 Respirators Are Still In Demand

Hospitals across the U.S. are running out of the masks, gowns and other supplies they need to protect workers from the latest coronavirus as they struggle to take care of patients.

As they work on the front lines of infectious disease treatment, doctors, nurses and other hospital personnel depend on respirator masks, gloves and other protective equipment to keep them safe. But hospitals, as the coronavirus outbreak spreads, have used up stocks at alarming rates, hospital officials claimed.

Fact #2 – PPE Masks Are Only One Of The Ways To Suppress Transmissions And Save Lives

To provide an adequate level of defense against COVID-19, the use of a mask alone is not necessary. Stay healthy by taking some basic precautions, like the following:

  • social distancing
  • wearing a mask
  • keeping rooms well ventilated
  • preventing crowds
  • washing your hands
  • coughing into a bent elbow or tissue

When not delivering patient care, health professionals can continue to physically separate themselves to prevent unwanted close interaction with colleagues and those in the hospital.

Health workers outside of health facilities may have a chance to be contaminated with COVID-19 as well. It is important that health workers, like all persons, follow the protocols to protect themselves from infection when outside a health facility.

Fact #3 – Different Types Of Masks Specialize In Different Areas

Different types of masks specialize in different areas, but for the general public, cloth masks are highly successful. A cloth mask should be worn by the average person who does not work in a medical setting with COVID-19 patients to preserve personal protective equipment (PPE) for medical staff.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) does not recommend that the general public wearing N95 respirators (COVID-19) Those are essential supplies that, as recommended by current CDC guidelines, must continue to be reserved for health care staff and other medical first responders.

It is becoming increasingly important for you and your family to protect your personal health in times when airborne disease is rampant. In line with DMBSupply, their mission is to bring Americans the highest quality of N95 Masks during these trying times.  Health experts and practitioners around the world use these masks to remain healthy and sanitary as they work. With the growth of the pandemic of COVID-19, demand has increased to meet the need for adequate PPE.

The CDC suggests that members of the public use cloth face masks to slow the spread of the virus while in a public area, as this will protect others who may have the virus. They may not know it but they may have been passing it on to others without them knowing.

Avoid exposure to this virus as this is the only way to prevent being sick. As a reminder, however, the CDC still recommends regular preventive steps, like the following:

  • hand washing
  • social distancing (6 feet) to help prevent the spread of respiratory diseases


Front-line health-care staff still do not have adequate personal protective equipment to keep them protected from infection, even if months have already passed. 

In the midst of the challenges they have to contend with due to the COVID-19 crisis, healthcare staff do not ask to be hailed as heroes, they only want proper attention, compassion and kindness. Do your share to make this world a better world. Wear a mask.

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