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Fiat unveil New (500)RED the first (RED) car partnership

  • New (500)RED makes its debut at the grand opening of the Fiat Casa 500 and La Pista 500 – Europe’s largest hanging garden at the iconic Lingotto test track in Turin
  • The fully-electric New (500)RED is the first (RED) car with the shared message of ‘protect the planet and its people’
  • Bono, co-founder of (RED), attended for the announcement of the Stellantis and (RED) partnership and the (500)RED launch
  • Fiat, together with Jeep and RAM partner with (RED), answering the call to serve the global fight against pandemics through the launch of special edition (RED) vehicles, helping to deliver more than $4 million to these causes over the next three years

Today, Fiat has announced a partnership with (RED) by unveiling New (500)RED, the first (RED) car in a series of special editions created to help the charity fight against global pandemics. Together with Jeep and RAM, this partnership will help to provide (RED) with more than $4 million over the next three years.

Alongside John Elkann, Chairman of Stellantis; Oliver François, Fiat CEO and Stellantis CMO; Ginevra Elkann, Chairwoman of the Pinacoteca Agnelli, and Bono, co-founder of (RED) attended the unveiling on the iconic Lingotto test track in Turin.

At the unveiling of Casa 500 and La Pista 500, Olivier Francois, Fiat CEO and Stellantis CMO, said: “Today, Bono and I present the world premiere of the New (500)RED. The mission of this car is to protect both planet and people: it’s electric, to respect the environment and make a contribution to a more sustainable future. That mission is now going even further with (RED) on board. Together with (RED), we also want to combat pandemics, and this is the dual message we intend to convey to the world.”

Francois also added: “This month, I’m very proud to be celebrating my 10th anniversary at the helm of Fiat: 10 extremely challenging years. But we are celebrating with a great result: Fiat currently is the leading Stellantis brand in terms of volume sales, with one million vehicles already sold so far in 2021. This, plus the extra power and resources of Stellantis, allows us to look to the future with optimism. In fact, from 2023, Fiat will unveil at least one new model every year, and each one will also come in a full-electric version.”

Bono, co-founder, (RED), stated: “This partnership with FIAT, Jeep and RAM is a powerful shot in the arm for (RED)’s fight against pandemics and the complacency that fuels them. It’s hard to believe that 15 years on from (RED)’s founding we are now fighting another virus, but it’s even harder to see the virus of injustice that marked the AIDS pandemic is alive and well during COVID. Less than 5 percent of people in Africa are fully vaccinated, while vaccines are plentiful in Europe and America. We have to do more and fast to support the hundreds of millions of people who don’t yet have access to the vaccines, therapeutics or sufficient PPE. Because unless this pandemic is defeated everywhere, no one will be safe anywhere.”

He continued: “This is a real moment for (RED). We have one of the most iconic car companies in the world saying they want to help drive COVID-19 off the face of the planet, and with the New (500)RED they won’t even need petrol to do it. FIAT wants to be as green as they can while they’re going (RED) and that’s a reason to punch the air.”

Jennifer Lotito, (RED) President & Chief Operating Officer, stated: “This is (RED)’s 15th year and we couldn’t be prouder to launch such an exciting multi-year partnership. The global scale and creative energy this will bring to the fight against COVID and AIDS is exactly what’s needed to help us end their devastating impact on so many millions of people.  We are deeply grateful to the many teams who have made this launch – and future impact –  possible”.

Stellantis has partnered with (RED), and is the first automotive manufacturer to do so, to support the critical work of the Global Fund in fighting against pandemics, including AIDS and COVID-19. From today, it means every (Fiat)RED vehicle purchased from the (500)RED family special series contributes to this cause.

(RED) was founded in 2006 to bring together companies and people in the fight to end AIDS. Today, (RED) is combating two pandemics, AIDS and COVID-19, and has generated nearly $700 million for the Global Fund. The money has helped more than 220 million people, and the money committed by Stellantis will fund more life-saving programs where they are most needed. By partnering with (RED), Stellantis is joining the fight against pandemics and giving its customers a way to join them too.

New (500)RED
The New (500)RED  was created in collaboration between Fiat and (RED) with a shared message to care for the planet and for its people.

Fiat aims to convey the (RED) message to every customer, so the special series is now available across the entire 500 family: the New (500)RED, (500)RED and (500X)RED will adopt the colour red as a hallmark externally on the bodywork, logos, mirror caps and design cues on the alloy wheels. It is continued through the interior on the dashboard fascia, design cues on the floor mats and the exclusive seats made using Seaqual® yarn, derived from plastics recovered from the oceans, with the Fiat signature and the (500)RED logo on the backrest. Red will not be the only colour in the (RED) special series; the palette of body colours includes other specific shades for each model.

Each car in the (500)RED Family comes with a Welcome Kit, including a hand sanitizer dispenser and a specific key cover for a final touch of customisation. New (500)RED customers will also receive an email signed by Olivier François and Bono, welcoming them to the (RED) community.

The all-electric New (500)RED  includes hallmarks that make it immediately recognisable starting with the 500 logo on the front and the Fiat logo on the tailgate, now red for the first time as a tribute to the partnership. The dedicated badge at the base of the rear window and the 500 logo in the middle of the steering wheel with soft touch upholstery serve as further reminders of the partnership.

As well as the new and exclusive Red exterior paint by (RED), this model also comes in Mineral Grey, Ice White and Onyx Black. Unusually for an interior, the driver’s seat is one colour – red – with the other three passenger seats in black. For those who prefer uniformity of colour, the model is also available with all the seats in black with a contrasting (500)RED logo, or all in red with a black logo. Another unique (RED) touch involves the accelerator pedal in red anodized aluminium, available in combination with black passenger seats and the red driver’s seat.

The New (500)RED comes in two body variants: hatchback and convertible with black soft top, and with two battery options: a 70kW (95hp) e-motor with a range of up to 120 miles (WLTP cycle); the other, 87kW (118hp) with a range of up to 199 miles (WLTP cycle).

The (500)RED mild hybrid is based on the Dolcevita version and, together with the features shared by the entire (500)RED family, has the (500)RED logo on both door pillars. The (500)RED Hybrid is available in Pompeii Grey, Gelato White and Cinema Black, as well as Passione Red.

This version is also embellished with chrome-plated design cues on the front grille, and door handles, while in terms of infotainment, it comes with a 7-inch touchscreen radio with Apple CarPlay™, Android Auto™, and 15-inch or 16-inch alloy wheels.

Available in a hatchback version with panoramic glass roof or as a convertible with black soft top, it is equipped with a 70hp 1.0-litre mild hybrid engine.

The (500X)RED is based on the Cross version and is available both as a hatchback and in an open-air version with black Dolcevita soft top. The (500)RED logo appears on the front door pillars, to complement the design cues shared across the (RED) special series. As well as Passione Red, the colour palette includes Moda Grey, Gelato White and Cinema Black, all with red design cues.

The interiors feature an elegant dark shade and the black seats are embellished with red trim and red stitching on the armrest. Connectivity is guaranteed by the Uconnect system with a 7-inch touchscreen with built-in satnav, Apple CarPlay™, Android Auto™, and 19-inch alloy wheels. The specifications are completed with parking and dusk sensors, fog lamps and automatic air conditioning.

The car comes with a choice of two petrol engines – 120hp 1.0-litre and 150hp 1.3-litre Firefly models.

About (RED)
(RED), named for the colour of emergency, was founded by Bono and Bobby Shriver in 2006 to turn companies into a cavalry to fight the AIDS pandemic. Today, that united network is also fighting the urgent threat of COVID and its devastating impact on the world’s most vulnerable communities, answering the need for a truly global response.

(RED) partners with the most iconic brands and people to create (RED) products and experiences — all of which raise money for the Global Fund, one of the world’s largest funders of global health. (RED) partners include: Amazon, Anova Culinary, Apple, Balmain, Bank of America, Beats by Dr. Dre, Buffalo Games, Claro, eos, Girl Skateboards, The Honey Pot Co., Louis Vuitton, Mavin Records, Montblanc, Primark, Salesforce, Starbucks, Stellantis, Telcel, Therabody, TRUFF, U-Mask and Vespa. (RED) Supporters include: Merck and Roche.

To date, (RED) has generated nearly $700 million for the Global Fund, helping more than 220 million people. The money raised by (RED)’s partners and campaigns goes directly to strengthen health systems and support life-saving programs in the communities where pandemics hit hardest.

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