The pallet rack has many applications in terms of design and functionality. Therefore, we can rightly assume that it is a storage solution in the storage, logistics and storage sectors, although each of these sectors can be divided into more detailed categories, which requires special attention. Meet the requirements when considering a pallet racking solution suitable for the company or industry that requires this option.


The use of pallet racking in a warehouse and as a storage solution is often incorporated in the planning phase of the warehouse structure. These facilities are related to various sectors or industries. Therefore, it is necessary to take into account the individual needs of the respective sectors to define the specific needs and, therefore, the specifications of the pallet storage option. Some industries may require a basic structure that can be considered standard in the pallet storage option, while other industries or sectors may require deeper storage due to the personalized nature of their products and pallets in which they are transported, as well as the related problems. To the billing of stocks.

Here, the options of simple depth, double depth and triple are available in that storage option. Naturally, the weight of the packaged items contained in the respective pallets must be taken into account in this equation.

Storage optimization

To go further in the planning of the plant, a number of considerations must be taken into account in the current configuration of the pallet racking system in question. One of the most important problems is the optimization of the space or storage, after all the configuration process of this storage option: to save space in terms of height of a building because the surface will probably be significantly reduced. Just consider the cost per square meter to understand where and why the pallet rack option becomes so attractive.

Therefore, the available floor and height dimensions, as well as the desired workflow or storage, in turn, will influence the overall design and the maximum and optimum space created for the storage of pallets in the area. Warehouse environment.

Dynamic pallet racking

The dynamic storage of pallets can be a real asset to improve the efficiency of the warehouse. With this system, you can use all the available storage capacity, while the goods are loaded on moving supports that move through the shelves. When the goods are removed from the rack, the positions of the adjacent elements are automatically adjusted to affect the most efficient storage possible.

Drive through pallet racking

Another option that offers high-efficiency warehouse storage is the introduction or movement of pallet racks. This is the best way when it comes to a small number of products stored in a large volume and does not involve the use of specialized equipment. The products are stored in pallets placed on rails attached to the pallet frame and the vehicles go to the rack to load or unload.

Pallet racks, like any other industrial storage option, are not exempt from potential safety risks and, therefore, some best practices should be incorporated into the application of these types of systems. The fact that the entire system is based on a structure that is literally based on itself through a series of shelves, supports, and supports, provides reliable mechanical controls periodically to ensure the stability of the shelves.