Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 09.19.53As the North East rallies around 3 year old Kian in his desperate fight to beat relapsed cancer, the area’s biggest comedy club dedicates first ever ‘Comics Boxing’ event to his battle for treatment in America.

Since the launch of Punch-Drunk Comedy in Blyth in January 2015, South East Northumberland has become the epicentre of a ‘Love and Laughter Movement’ with communities coming together on a monthly basis to enjoy each other’s company against a backdrop of world-class stand-up comedy, whilst showing their support for the causes closest to their hearts.

With over 600 people convening every month, £14,000 has been raised so far for various causes.

In December of last year, the four main partner-charities linked to each of the 3 regular Punch-Drunk events generously requested that the fundraising from the Christmas events be donated not to them but to the treatment fund for Kian Musgrove, the Newbiggin Hall toddler who’s fight against extremely aggressive Neuroblastoma is coming to a head as UK treatment options have been exhausted following his relapse late last year. They donated just over £1000 to Kian but this is still a drop in the ocean compared to the £555,000 that he needs!

The UK Comics Boxing on Sunday 7 th February will be Punch-Drunk’s biggest event to date and will see 20 top comics descend on Blyth Sports Centre to face each other in amateur boxing bouts, with the whole show hosted and commentated by fellow comedians. Why? Well it would seem that the question is in fact, why not?

Punch-Drunk’s Lauren Douglass explained that the amateur boxing event was originally conceived as a bit of fun in return for the overwhelming support that the project has received over the last 12 months from both the Punch-Drunk Army (the legion of fans who regularly attend the Punch-Drunk events) and the comedy industry, who have embraced the brand new gigs up in leafy Northumberland as a welcome addition to the UK comedy club circuit and have helped to spread the word far and wide.

It’s set to be a Punch-Drunk reunion of sorts – with 13 of the 20 fighters already Punch-Drunk veterans – and the focus is on bringing everyone back together to celebrate what’s been achieved so far, whilst welcoming lots of new people into the fold with a larger-scale night.

So with the profits being far from the focus, Punch-Drunk have pledged that all ticket sales once the 300 mark is passed, will be donated to Kian’s fund. On top of this, each of the fighters is collecting sponsorship for their own bout, with many having agreed to donate their proceeds to Kian!

With both well-established and up-coming names on the bill, it promises to be a crazy concentration of comedy talent including the North East’s own Matt Reed and Gavin Webster, as well as The Noise Next Door’s Tom Houghton, Scottish favourite Mark Nelson and Mock the Week regular, Carl Donnelly.

Lauren explained that as well as contributing directly to the steadily growing pot of fundraising for Kian’s treatment, the hope is that by spreading the word about Kian’s fight down lots of new avenues, the chances will be increased of somebody, somewhere being found who can help bridge the gap between everyone’s amazing fundraising; and the astronomical amount that’s needed!

Kian’s initial anti-relapse treatment in the US last year was made possible by word of his plight reaching the ears of an anonymous individual who was able to donate £40,000!

You can follow all of the build-up to the UK Comics Boxing on Facebook & Twitter, where the guys will be updating regularly on ticket sales as well as on the progress of each of the fighters.

The trash-talk has already begun with hilarious results and you can keep up with all of this too! Just go to and follow @PunchDrunkBlyth on Twitter.

For tickets, which are available now, visit The event will be held at Blyth Sports Centre, NE24 5BT on Sunday 7th February, starting at 5pm.

UPDATE: The UK Comics Boxing will be hosted by Rhod Gilbert.