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Fountains are in working order this winter

VISITORS to Stockton Town Centre need not worry if the High Street’s popular fountains are not in operation on some occasions this winter.

The fountains, which are popular with residents and visitors, automatically shut down when temperatures drop to one degree Celsius or below.

The safeguard protects the fountains’ inner workings from frost damage, while cutting off the water minimises the risk of the fountains area freezing over.

After a cut out is triggered, the fountains will only be switched back on once an inspection of the fountains area has determined that it is safe.

Leader of Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council, Councillor Bob Cook, said: “The fountains are a prominent feature of the High Street and the in-built safety mechanism ensures they can continue to operate as often as possible during the cold winter months.

“There will be times when the fountains automatically switch off due to freezing conditions and they will remain switched off until temperatures rise.

“We know the fountains are a much-loved feature of the High Street and we wanted to let people know about this so they don’t think the fountains are broken.”

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