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Fun In The Sun

Hit the beach with the Beach Basics Backpack in tow and you’ll be in for some fun in the sun! The perfect accessory for kids who love to dig deep, and get to grips with the likes of water and sand. No longer just your ordinary bucket and spade Hape have other ideas, as the Beach Basics Backpack is the versatile, multifunctional treasure trove full of goodies. Offering a wide selection of tools ideal for a day at the beach, it doesn’t stop there as these sets also work perfectly at the playground or in the garden too.

This seven piece Beach Basics Backpack from Hape is complete with all the essentials to keep the little one’s entertained. Including, a bucket – fill with sand for your sand castle, or water for a moat. A shovel – to soften the sand with water before creating your masterpiece. A sieve – allowing you to pile up the sand letting it filter through the small holes before you to see what treasures remain. Not to mention the watering can, rake, fish mold and the adorable beach backpack complete with seaside landscape to hold it all ensuring nothing gets lost, all that’s missing is the sand. Whether your goal is to build a sand castle, or want to spend time in the sea this set is guaranteed fun, equally just as good for any budding gardener.

No longer should you be weighted down with all the picnics, inflatables and beach accessories, as this hands free alternatives gives children the responsibility to look after their own toys for a day at the beach.  

The Beach Basics Backpack from Hape is just one of many fantastic examples of what Hape do best, beach toys which encourage creative play, healthy outdoor activities, and the development of your child’s fine motor skills. After all there is more to a day on the beach or an afternoon in the sand pit than just building sand castles, as Hape’s Sand Toy range push the boundaries, leaving you feeling inspired to play!

Hape’s Beach Basics Backpack is available to buy online for £23.15 from Amazon.

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