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Mar 10, 2022 #888 Poker, #Gaming
  • 888poker finds more women are playing poker more than ever after this International Woman’s Day
  • Less male buy in compared to females over the last one to five years

According to new research, more women are playing poker than ever before, with a 22% increase in female players across the UK in the last year, and a 23% rise over the last five years.

Poker is, generally, considered a male game. However, the stats from 888poker show that new player buy in from men has been considerably lower compared to women over the past year at 14%, and 22% over the last 5 years.

What’s more, women are accessing the game in a variety of formats. The top five most popular games of poker participated in by women include:

  1. Casual games with friends and family – 48% (vs. 54% men)
  2. Online cash games – 33% (vs. 35% men)
  3. Organised cash games – 27% (vs. 32% men)
  4. Live buy in tournaments – 26% (vs. 27% men)
  5. Free mobile applications – 25% (vs. 27% men)

Some 58% of women stated that they started playing poker because they think it’s a fun and social game, while 37% play because they believe it’s easy to learn. What’s more, 33% of women opted to play the game as they believe it’s easy to consistently win money.

While 31% of women have never played in any competitive format, it’s clear that the tables are turning and more females are opting to play poker, as only 10% of women have played for 10+ years, and 13% for 5-10 years.