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Get thousands of lead hungry buyers per month

Lead Conversion System 2 and its short form LCS2 is a lead conversion tool that is about to launch with remarkable results and acceptance by the market evaluators. It is created by digital marketers who are pioneers for this new lead management tool a revolution and remarkable product created by Daven Michaels and Chad Nicely.

The question that will be most important for every business and affiliate marketer will be before going any deeper analysis of this product how useful it will be for bringing in new leads that matter to my product and services that I intend to sell to my customer or what will be the actual conversion rate for number of leads generated in a month in numbers. The LCS2 is not similar to other tools available in the market it works differently it will give only those 1000 leads to you simplifying the lead conversion into actual potential buyers who have interest in your product or service and after short listing the actual leads that are your potential buyers with needs identified and can afford your product or service all you need to do is get in touch to close the sale.

The LCS2 is a complete lead management and CRM solution with own virtual assistant to an appointment builder, a business card builder, and a training suit for all your marketing automation needs. The software has a sales funnel in place an automated lead follow-up system with a robust tagging system in place and with text messaging. This product is going to be pre launched on 21 September and it will be in market starting on 28th September with an introductory pre-launch price starting from $ 1497 – $ 3000.Daven and Chad will be giving free one-month lead generation for those who sign up for the pre-launch and become the first of their customer and LCS2 lucky owners.

On the launch day event if lead conversion system 2 smashes the single-day record of 3.5 million, the top affiliate gets a BMW I8 as a first price. For the affiliate partners the giveaway price is 1000,000,000 that will be divided among the first three winners and 4th place getting 10,000 and so on. Among the 100 runners-up will receive water proof sports action DV camcorders model AKASO EK7000 with 4K and Wi-Fi and this not all everyone will win some cash at least $ 1000 for those who bring audience to see the webinar online by PayPal all will be distributed by Daven and Chad.

After having internal launch and partners testing the result are quite impressive webinar conversion up to 32%, revenue per attendee $ 670 and best offer of #1. You can grow your business and will still have spare time for your family, reading and surfing.You will also have this liberty reselling the license and a backup support system for all your needs. Its true genuine turnkey solution for your business that will be a game changer for now and as you grow.

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