‘Take the World Maths Day Challenge 2022 and discover your inner Mathlete!’ say Jeffrey and John

Eight year old, Jeffrey, the 2021, World Maths Day (WMD),Year 2, UK, Gold medallist, and his 7 year old brother John, also a runner-up in last year’s challenge, are urging children and schools nationwide to sign up for this year’s World Maths Day (WMD) Global Challenge on Wednesday March 23rd, and to pit their wits and test their mathematical prowess against their peers from the UK and across the globe, while participating in engaging activities designed to highlight the wonder of numbers and most importantly – make maths fun.

Sharing memories of last year’s competition, Jeffrey and John said, “We had so much fun competing with other children in the UK and around the world! Everyone can take part – it’s free to sign up, either from home or school. Every correct answer gives you a point towards your overall score, just have a go and let your inner Mathlete shine through!”

Event organiser, Graham Frickers from 3P Learning, the creators of the Mathletics platform on which the global challenge is hosted said, “We’re delighted to be celebrating our fifteenth year of the WMD Global Challenge, and this year will be bigger and better than ever. We calculate during the 48 hour period when the challenge is open, 10 million Mathletes from across 160 countries will attempt to answer 1 billion questions – it’s truly a global celebration of maths. Each Mathlete completes twenty, 60 second live maths games according to their age and ability, with the top scorers posted in a Live Hall of Fame. There are trophies and prizes for individuals and schools in each of the ten categories from Reception to Year 9+.

“We are also very pleased to announce the return of the Champions Challenge for Year 9+ Mathletes. Thirty two top scorers will qualify for the round robin event on May 3rd, with overall regional champions crowned in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EEMA) Region and Asia Pacific (APAC) Region.

“Everyone can join in, it’s simple and it’s free. Schools and individuals already using the Mathletics platform will automatically be signed up. Those new to the platform can find out more information here www.worldmathsday.com. We wish everyone the best of luck and the best time!”