Love it or loathe it, there’s no denying that us Brits are obsessed with body hair – especially other people’s! You only need to witness the media hysteria every time a “brave” celebrity is pictured with visible body hair, such as Madonna’s daughter Lourdes appearing on the red carpet with unshaven underarms and hairy legs or the image of Julia Roberts’ unshaven underarms at the Notting Hill premier, over 20 years ago – which is still seared into our collective consciousness- to know that it’s still a very debatable topic.

Now, it seems that feelings amongst the people of Newcastle are particularly strong when it comes to their partners’ body hair. This is according to new research which has revealed that almost half (46%) have actively encouraged their partners to remove body hair that they find unattractive.

The research, commissioned by Nad’s, the cruelty-free hair removal brand, which asked 2,000 Brits about their and their partners’ hair, also revealed that men were more likely to interfere with their other half’s hair habits, with more than a third (36%) admitting they had encouraged their partner to get rid of some hair, compared with just 30% of women.

Almost three in five Newcastle-based respondents (58%) admit that they believe it is socially more acceptable for men to have body hair than it is for women. Which leads to the question, “Is there one rule for men and one rule for women?”

Sue Ismiel, Founder, Nad’s comments: “I think if we’re honest with ourselves, most of us do have our own strong opinions about other people’s body hair- even if we know we shouldn’t! However, the fact is that it is no one else’s business what anyone chooses to do with their body hair.

“Here at Nad’s we’re passionate about supporting people achieve the look they want, whether completely hairless or au naturel! It’s your hair- and it’s your rules!”