AN innovative project taking place between Stockton Council and Eastern Ravens Trust is helping young carers across the Borough to make sure they get the support they need.


In a bid to raise awareness and identify hidden young carers Eastern Ravens Trust are working with Stockton Council to educate primary and secondary pupils and staff about the issues young carers face on a daily basis.


A young carer is any young person under 18 who provides ongoing care or emotional support for a member of their family who is affected by ill health – including mental health, substance misuse, physical disability and physical illness.


Many young carers face unique challenges at school because of the need to juggle school and homework with their caring role.


Stockton Council and Eastern Ravens Trust are working with schools to make sure they can put systems in place to support young carers better.   Since the initiative began in schools, young carers who had not felt able to come forward for help before have sought support.


Councillor Ann McCoy, Stockton Council’s Cabinet Member for Children and Young People, said: “There are many young people out there who may not realise that they are a young carer or for fear of stigma do not admit they have a caring role at home. By working in schools across the Borough with Eastern Ravens Trust we hope to reach a wide audience and raise awareness of this issue to identify people needing help and support.


“Eastern Ravens Trust is a wonderful organisation. Not only does it provide flexible, tailored support to young carers and their families but they also make sure that young carers are listened to and included in decision making about their families’ care.  We hope this awareness raising will allow teaching staff and pupils to have a greater understanding of life as a young carer and be better equipped to deal with the challenges they face.”


Tracey Hamilton, Eastern Ravens Trust Manager, said: “This is such a great opportunity to strengthen awareness of young carers and the support we can offer within schools. On behalf of all young carers I’d like to thank Stockton Council for working together with us on this piece of good practice which should be replicated throughout the country for all young carers.”


Anyone wanting more information about Eastern Ravens Trust or the support available to young carers across the Borough can contact 01642 678454 or


Stockton Council commissions Eastern Ravens Trust to provide its Young Carers Service across the Borough.