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Here are 8 of the most bizarre cryptocurrencies on the market

It is true that the world of cryptocurrency was thrust into the limelight due to the emergence and then the popularity of Bitcoin. However, it does not enjoy the monopoly it did for the first few years of its launch. The initiation of the first alternative coins or the Altcoins proved to be yet another game-changer for the digital world. Now, there are around 5,098 altcoins, which have a market valuation of a whopping $285 billion.

With the prevalence and the ever-increasing launching of altcoins, we have compiled a list of the most bizarre cryptocurrencies to come into existence. To know more about this visit Bitpal app.

  1.       DogeCoin

Created in a spur of a moment, Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer never knew that DogeCoin would become one of the biggest Altcoins in the digital world. The name is an ode to the highly viral internet meme – Doge. Today, its price is at $0.003363. It has a rank of 48, along with the market cap at $431,516,848. The last 24 hours trading volume is $178,962,839. Unlike other cryptocurrencies, DogeCoin has no supply limit and has a circulation of 127,251,725,515 DOGE at present.

  1.       UFO Coin

 Despite the catchy name, the UFO coin has no business with the extraterrestrials. The lead developer of this cryptocurrency is Peter Bushnell, who was previously a Bitcoin miner. It is based on neoscrypt technology. As of now, the price of UFP Coin is at $0.000197. The maximum supply of this currency is fixed at 4,000,000,000 UFO, and the circulating supply, being 3,850,751,262 UFO. It has a market cap of $759,976 USD and ranks in 1285. The trading volume for the last 24 hours is $19.20.

  1.       Useless Ethereum Token

Marketed as the world’s first-ever absolutely (read 100%) honest ethereum currency, the Useless Ethereum Token (UET) has generated a huge buzz since its launch. With a rank of 3256, the price of UET is at $0.001841. The circulating supply of this coin is at 3,965,716.

Note: This coin is inactive as of this moment. The data was last collected in November of 2019.

  1.       Sexcoin

Dubbed as the Adult Blockchain currency, Sexcoin is one of a kind. It is specifically designed for the adult entertainment field. You can use Sexcoin for the transaction of all types of adult products. Now, the price of Sexcoin (SXC) is at $0.003397. The market cap of this adult cryptocurrency is unknown, but its last 24 hours trading volume is at $382.51. It has a rank of 3314, and the total supply as of now is 128,405,895 SXC.

  1.       Unobtanium

The extremely limited number of Unobtanium coins (total supply of 250,000 UNO) makes this cryptocurrency hard to get, and as a result, quite popular. It may seem fraudulent, but the market cap of $13,315,214 indicates its genuineness. The cryptocurrency seems to be soaring new heights since its launch in 2103. It has a price of $65.71 with a rank of 440. Till now, the circulating supply is 203,059 UNO. Moreover, the last 24 hours trading volume is $5,814.16.

  1.       PutinCoin

In an effort to support the economy of Russia and as an ode to the president of the same country, PutinCoin was developed. Now, the market cap of this cryptocurrency is $63,794.25 USD with a rank of 1946. It is priced at $0.000054 as of now. The trading volume for the past 24 hours is $45.52. Like many other digital currencies, the currency has a limited supply of 2,000,000,000 PUT. The current circulating supply is 1,188,750,832 PUT.

  1.       PotCoin

Wouldn’t it be lovely if you can purchase and sell cannabis over the Internet with ease? That’s how Potcoin was born. You can trade it in three different markets. Now, it has a market cap of $1,607,835 with a rank of 1063. As of now, it has a price of $0.007075. The trading volume (for the last 24 hours) is $1,258.30. Potcoin has a limited supply of 420 million POT. The current circulating supply is at 225,135,796 POT. 

  1.       Dentacoin 

Made specifically for the dental industry across the globe, the Dentacoin community consists of numerous dentists across at least 16 countries. You may get a laugh out of it, but it is still thriving. The price of the digital currency is $0.000005, with the trading volume for the past 24 hours at $224,058. You may be surprised, but it has a market cap of $3,534,535. And the existing supply is 697,290,065,761 DCN as of now.

These are some of the most eccentric cryptocurrencies that have existed. As you shift through the intriguing waters of the world of cryptocurrency, chances are you will discover many more.

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