It isn’t necessary for moving house to be the most stressful thing you ever do.  The key is all in how you manage change and doesn’t need to involve a lot of drama.  But where should you begin?  

Your moving van has been booked and you have the keys to your new house, but before you start loading up the truck, think about what things you want to get inside of your new home first.  Then remember that whatever is going into the home first should go into the moving van last!  The following are some top tips on what to do first and what to do last when you are moving in order to help you with your big day.

  1.  Cleaning Supplies

Is your new home clean?  It may sound obvious but when the duster and mop are packed last, you can start out having a clean house.  

  1.  Pack your furniture last

According to Movecorp, it’s best to first move the furniture into your new home and stack storage boxes around the furniture.  If you do the opposite, then you will have to move boxes to get your furniture in the right places.  You can’t leave it on the truck forever.

  1.  Have light bulbs handy

This can often be a classic problem.  You arrive at your new house in the late afternoon or early evening, and the light bulb has blown out.  Or the old residents have taken all of the bulbs with them.

  1.  Don’t wait until the last minute to make Self Storage arrangements

When making your booking your moving people will need to know that a separate trip needs to be made to your self storage unit.  Or even better, get your things there the previous day, so there is one less thing for you to have to manage on your main moving day.  Otherwise, get your storage items packed last.

  1.  Make sure everything is labeled  

Cardboard boxes should be labeled so that your movers know which rooms to put each box in.  That will save you a lot of time not having to hunt things down later on.

  1.  Protect your floors with cardboard boxes

Flatten out a cardboard box each time you unpack one and put it over your new floor.  That is a great way to cut down on the amount of cleaning you have to do from the movers and moving process.

  1.  Read the meter

You are hungry, tired or worn out from all the hard work you have done.  But you need to forget about all the excuses you might have and get the electric and gas meters read.  You are the new owners, so it is now your responsibility. This is the same for broadband, make sure you inform your supplier you’re moving and if you can compare for a better deal in your new place – Simply Switch can help.

  1.  Locate the stop cock

It only takes one slip of your drill before your dream house is potentially turned into Atlantis.  So where should you look for it?  Under the stairs, under the sink, underneath the floorboards next to your front door.  Before you start on anything, make sure to find the stop cock first.

  1.  Know how to work your boiler

Pretty soon you are going to want to fill the bath up or need a shower.  You need to find the boiler’s instruction manual.  Check under the sink and in the kitchen drawers or even look online for the instruction before calling up  your estate agent and complaining.

  1.  Pack snacks and a lunch

This is absolutely essential.  It will save you a trip to the store and keep everyone’s spirits up.  Pack lots of bottles of water and your favorite snacks to keep you well nourished on moving day.