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How barcodes are used to track parcels

ByDave Stopher

Mar 26, 2020 #Business

There are thousands of uses for barcodes, in every arena of life.  In the retail industry they are used to assist in sales transactions as well as in the stock taking process. In the medical industry, two dimensional barcodes are used to regulate medication and assist in patient identification.  Barcodes are used to regulate the publishing of books and magazines.  QR codes are used in SnapScan which is an app that allows you to pay via your smart phone.  All this has revolutionised the world that we live in.

This blog is about how barcodes are used in the Postal Service. Millions of parcels get sent throughout the world every year.  It is critical to have a system whereby each parcel can be regulated, monitored and tracked.  Barcodes provide the means to do this.  Each parcel is given its very own barcode and as the parcel moves along the process, this barcode is scanned and, in this way, the whole process is controlled and it is possible to know where the parcel is at each moment.  This protects both the customer as well as the postal service since it lessens the chance of the parcel getting lost or damaged.

There are numerous systems in place to regulate this process. Postnet is a bar code system that is used in America.  It stands for Postal Numeric Encoding Technique.  This symbology is used to direct mail and ensure that it gets to where it is meant to go.  The Zip code is encoded in the first few bars of the barcode and the delivery address is added at the end of the code.

They improved this system and developed a 65-barcode for use in the postal service.  This barcode is called the Intelligent Mail Barcode (IM Barcode). This barcode supplies a large amount of information and functions better than its predecessors (Postnet & Planet). This barcode is also called a One Code Solution and a 4 State Customer Barcode.  This is due to the fact that the IM Barcode consists of four different symbols. This barcode is used to track information and parcels and they travel from Destination A to B.  Using this barcode in the postal service in America has enhanced efficiency as well as improved the rate of delivery of new services.

Barcodes have revolutionised the postal service by ensuring an efficient and speedy postal service.  In the past, parcels often got lost or were damaged, leading to a lot of frustration and dissatisfaction.  Missing parcels can lead to a loss of income and a lot of disappointment – especially around Christmas time.

In South Africa, there are often problems in the postal service due to strikes or riots.  Barcodes have assisted to ensure that the South African Postal Service has more control over the whole process.  They are able to track every movement of the parcel and thereby, ensure that it reaches its destination in one piece.

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