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How Live Chat Helps A Business In Improving Customer Relationship

ByDarshan Shah

Aug 11, 2021 #Business

If you have planned a holiday or travel by TUI and you need help, you can contact the customer service on Tui live chat and get answers to your queries and doubts. TUI UK is an online portal on which you can book holidays, flights, cruise, and hotels. Live chat is a facility through which you can contact the customer service and solve the problems you face in booking a holiday or travel. There are many benefits of chat for business promotion and improving the relationship with customers. Let’s know some ways through which live chat can be beneficial for a business and customers. 

Live Chat Is Inexpensive 

Live chat is better than phone support as it is relatively inexpensive in comparison to a phone. Customers have to pay money to call a business on the phone and a business owner also needs to invest in buying and installing a phone and the necessary equipment. On the other hand, chatting on a computer or mobile phone on a website is free for both the customers and business. 

More Comfortable For The Customers 

Customers find it comfortable to chat with customer care instead of calling them on the phone. The waiting time in live chat is less and customers get connected to the customer care department in a short time. 

24/7 Availability  

While phone support and in-person face to face support can be accessed in a limited time during office hours or working hours, the live chat is available all day all time 24/7. This makes the customers feel they are getting attention and their queries are being answered by customer care. The live chat is available around the clock and the customers can contact a business any time of the day be it night or day. 

Multiple People Can Chat At The Same Time 

The customer care team can chat with multiple customers at the same time and do multitasking. This has many benefits as you can solve the problems of several people simultaneously. The chat agents and customer care executives are given training for this and they are experts in handling the chat on their business website. 

Chats Can Be Saved For Later Analysis 

Businesses can save the chat the customer care conducts with customers that helps in a better understanding of the issues and problems faced by customers and their quick resolution. The interactions on live chat platforms can be saved and analyzed for a deeper insight into an issue. 

Customers Get Instant Help 

Retails stores can improve their customer service by offering them instant help through the facility of live chat on their website. Halfords is a retail store that answers to queries of its customers on its live chat. Buyers can ask questions about their orders on this chat. The Halfords live chat offers help to people who are facing an issue with an order.

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