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How Much Money Do You Need to Operate a Food Truck?

Starting any kind of business is an exciting time, but some people find a huge thrill in starting and operating a food truck. Food trucks present a lot of fun challenges to an entrepreneur, but they are also really rewarding when all is said and done. They have become much more trendy and people have a high demand for these interesting cuisine-on-wheels businesses, but they also have a lot of financial needs that have to be considered. This is not a surprise, any kind of business needs a lot of consideration over expenses. So, if you are planning on starting a food truck, you do not need to worry that it is overwhelming. 

The question of how much money it takes to operate a food truck is interesting, so here are things you need to know in terms of expenses.

Licensing and Certificates

Since you are operating a kitchen on wheels, you are going to need to spend some money getting licensed or certified. These certificates allow you to properly operate as a business, and they pertain to driving permits because a food truck is a larger vehicle and because there is a need for health safety permits. These permits, licenses or certificates are all going to depend on your region. Some cities have different needs for your business, and they can vary in cost as well, but it is good to acknowledge it as you do not want to run an illegitimate or unlicensed food truck.

Purchasing the Right Vehicle

Food trucks are more like vans, but regardless of the name, this is going to be the biggest expense. The range of cost can be anywhere from $50 000 (potentially lower) for a used one, and upwards of $150 000+ for a new one with a brand new kitchen. This is a major investment, but if you are seriously committed to operating a food truck, you are sure to know that if you put in the effort you can start to see a profit. These vehicles might sound pricey but when you consider how much a full-scale restaurant building and kitchen costs, it starts to look a whole lot more intriguing.

Kitchen Supplies

The brand new kitchen of a new food truck might come with a shiny new kitchen and the appliances you need, but you are still going to need to buy the supplies, which includes the food. This can cost thousands of dollars because of things like mixers, utensils, serving dishware, and the food itself. You want high-quality ingredients as many food truck clientele are usually younger crowds who want fresh, local ingredients. You might forget about this in your budget as you are thinking of bigger expenses, but this site can help if you need some quick cash to help fund the supplies and keep the kitchen stocked. Personal loans can range in size, and you do not need a ridiculous amount of money. Even if it might be a few thousand dollars, if you are making enough sales, you can expect to make that money back and pay it off in no time. Besides, you would not want to start a food truck without the right materials.

Marketing Budget 

Lastly, you are going to need a marketing budget. Having a food truck ready to go is great, but it will not matter if people do not know about it. Spending around 3% to 6% of your sales on marketing is advised by some experts who know food truck businesses. The importance of getting your business’s name out there will help you improve your sales, and recoup losses spent on marketing. The need to grow should always be on your mind, as you want to start making money to pay off any loans and succeed, and marketing can help move you in that direction. Plus, you get to have fun and find a brand for your food and your truck that appeals to an audience in your area that makes sense. Your marketing budget should be a priority.

As you can see, food trucks have a lot of things you need to consider. Most importantly is the truck and kitchen itself, as this is the foundation of the whole operation. The other considerations are going to require you to think about where your money is going, and how these expenses should be viewed as investments and not just purchases. Using this short guide, you can help grow or begin your path to success with a food truck of your own.

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