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How Technology Is Changing the Events Industry

ByDave Stopher

Oct 7, 2019 #technology

The corporate world and the events industry are intertwined, and especially to the benefit of the corporate world. You cannot succeed in business today without investing substantially in event planning, management, and execution. That is why the events industry is growing unbelievably fast all around the world. But how is this industry being impacted by technology?

  1. Mobile ticketing has brought more convenience and efficiency

People attending events now do not have to buy paper tickets at the door, all thanks to the emergence of mobile ticketing. All an event goer needs to do is log in to an event organizer’s website or event app, reserve a ticket, pay for the ticket via mobile money transfer, and he/she is good to go. The entire process of buying, saving, and accessing tickets is done in the comfort of the consumer’s home.

This new development has precipitated tons of positive changes both for event organizers and attendees. First of all, it has eliminated the need for event-goers to queue for hours on end waiting to buy paper tickets. Secondly, it has made it possible for live event organizers to sell tickets and scan entrants without too much hassle. Lastly, digital event booking has made it easier for organizers to track the number of people in attendance and to manage revenue collection more efficiently.

  1. Better production and execution of events

Stage management is a key part of every event planning and execution. Thanks to technology, organizers are now able to seamlessly manage technical stage elements such as lighting, sounds, visuals, and rigging. It is now easier to create a customized theme and style for events using the many multimedia possibilities that technology has brought forth. Using LED walls, for example, organizers are able to communicate with audiences effectively and in a more tailored approach.

Speaking of better production and execution of events, technology has given rise to event production agencies. You now don’t have to worry about how to plan or execute your event. Whichever type of event you want to be organized, be it gala dinners, conferences, team building, awards nights, or business meetings, you can always hire an agency to handle that for you. And because they are specialists who understand the unique requirements of each and every event, you can bank on them to bring your vision to life.

  1. Virtual event attendance

This digital age is all about convenience, and virtual reality is right at the heart of that convenience. VR is making it possible for event attendees to virtually interact with the event venue and test their sitting position before buying tickets online.

Going forward, VR will give birth to virtual viewing whereby people who cannot make it to the actual venue can have a live interactive experience of proceedings from remote locations. This will also open the door for the introduction of VR tickets- which will be cheaper, enabling those with limited means to attend high-end events virtually and within their means.

  1. More live streaming possibilities

Thanks to Facebook and Instagram live streaming features, event organizers are now able to reach more target audiences than ever before. And because these streams are technically free of charge, even people who cannot afford VR viewing are brought on board. This has increased brand-consumer engagements. If a free streaming possibility doesn’t fit your needs, you can always find local developers, or outsource the development of your custom streaming product.

Streaming a live philanthropy and charity event overseas, for example, would give your local and international customers a glimpse of the community empowerment programs your company run, consequently bringing them closer to your brand.

  1. Easier collection and analyzing of consumer data

Many social media users have put their private lives out there for all to see. That translates to big data prospects for event organizers. By knowing what an individual attendee wants in terms of time, venue, and costs, event promoters are able to tailor-make events to the taste of nearly every attendee. This significantly increases the chances of event success.

How Is the Events Industry Changing In China?

On top of the 5 key changes that technology has brought to the global events industry, China has experienced a host of unique changes for as far as event management is concerned. For starters, the exponential growth of online networking and social media has revolutionized how brands manage events here. “If you are planning to expand in China, you must adopt a more social approach to product launching and brand networking events and drop the traditional “special guests only” approach.” say experts of NH Global Partners. The consumer market wants to feel included in every event, big all small.


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