Many pet owners barely know that they can go green together with their pets. A good number of ardent pet lovers try to lead a green life with whatever pet they keep, but they keep getting it wrong. The good news is that you can become an eco-friendly pet lover with the right tricks. Indeed, dog and cat lovers will benefit from following the current green practices. However, it’s crucial to keep digging for eco-friendly trends that will sustain the environment if you have pets in your home.

Pets have a huge impact on the environment. They have to eat and utilize other natural resources. As a result, their existence in your home has far-reaching effects on the immediate environment. You have to feed, clean and house the animals, and you need to know how to co-exist without breaching the green rules. If you know the following tips, it’s easy to lead an eco-friendly life with your cat or hamster.

Ditch the Plastic 

Almost every pet product you know out there is synonymous with plastic or some form of it. The dog collar, leashes, litter nests food and water dishes are plastic-based in a way. However, the influx of green pet products has made it easy to live sustainably with your furry friends. Instead of sticking to the harmful plastics, you should invest in organic products made out of hemp, organic cotton.

There are green products that have minimal impact on the environment. Organic materials are the best option when it comes to pet beddings or leashes. Even if the dog was to chew on the hemp leash, there is an insignificant effect on its health.

Prioritise Toxic-Free Products

In the immediate environment where our pets live, there are many items made out of toxin-laden materials. For instance, the furniture at home or the office isn’t eco-friendly. Equally, the chemicals used to clean around these environments has a far-reaching impact on the environment and the general well-being of your pet. If you have to clean your home or any pet-related environment, consider cleaning non-toxic agents. You can clean your floors with organic ingredients such as lime, vinegar or baking soda.

Other products such as air fresheners contain a significant amount of toxins. Consider replacing them with pet-friendly essential oils. You can rely on baking soda to purge those nasty indoor doors instead of using these fresheners.

Organic Pet Grooming and Pest Management Options

Your pets are prone to pest attacks. For instance, you don’t have to use chemicals to get rid of ticks. You can forego the chemicals and get rid of pests by washing pet beddings regularly. Those tick collars or dust could be harmful to your pet and your immediate abode. They can harm your kids as well as useful organisms in the environment.

If you’re thinking that meat is the best cheap dog food for your dog or cat, you need to rethink it. Meat production has an intense impact on the environment. To avoid impacting it further, consider feeding your pets with meats that have less impact. You can pick rabbit or chicken. Remember, human-grade beef used to produce pet food exerts pressure on the human food production chain. If you insist, look for meat produced from bones, offal or organ meat. You can choose sustainable fish meat as long as its eco-friendly certified.

Avoid Exotic Pets

One way you can become an eco-friendly pet keeper is by avoiding exotic pets. Most likely, these pets are endangered or they are procured illegally. Some of these pets can cause further impacts on environment if they happen to escape. If you keep pets with an invasive nature or those that endanger the existence of many other animal species, you will impact the ecosystems tenfold. If at all you must keep such a pet, it’s advisable to consult certified breeders and ensure you have the right habitats for them in your home.

Consider Fresh Cat Litter

If you’re a cat lover, you probably know a few cat litter types in the market. The base clay used to make these is procured through strip mining. This is a harmful extraction method with an immense impact on natural resources. Skip the clay and choose recyclable material for your cat litter. You can procure organic materials inexpensively. What’s more, you can compost such litter if you feel the need to change it for fresh litter.

Spay or Neuter Them

Many pet lovers might not support the idea of spaying or neutering based on some sensitive aspects. However, it’s an eco-friendly move that has long-term benefits. If you don’t neuter your dog, you are likely to have hundreds of young ones resulting from uncontrolled breeding. This adds more pressure to the environment. Caring for stray, homeless or abandoned animals takes a toll on resources. To be fully eco-friendly with pets, it’s crucial to weigh up options such as adopting instead of pushing for the top breeds. This helps reduce environmental demands sustainably.