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How to Bet Low and Win Big in Thailand


Aug 9, 2021

Sports betting is a favorite pastime in Thailand. Even though lottery and horseracing are the only legal form of gambling in the country, people still engage in different forms of wagering. It is evident that state regulations and prohibitions can not take the wagering culture away from the people in Thailand.

The older generations are still heavily bemused with gambling on animal fights, dice games, and other street betting games. Meanwhile, the younger ones are more inclined to bet on competitive sporting events. Young Thais wager over billions of baht on European Football Championship games alone. With increased online activities this past few years, more people may be interested in aiming for a big win through online sports betting.

Since online sports betting is still relatively new, Thais tend to apply the usual strategies and techniques they employ in street betting. For instance, many believe that they need to wager enormous money if they want to win massive amounts of cash. That’s precisely how street betting works; you bet 65 THB for a chance to win 1600 THB, for example. So if you want a chance to win 65,000 THB, you would need to risk more money.

But stake-more-win-more is not a hard rule, especially in online sports betting. With the proper knowledge and strategy, you can still win big even though you’re playing low-risk. Here’s how:

Bet on heavy odds.

The odds should guide your wagering decisions. If you want to risk a small amount of money for a chance to win massive amounts of cash, you have to look for events that carry heavier odds. Usually, these are found in games that people assume to be highly lopsided, which will most likely result in a particular outcome. Simply put, to win big, you have to bet against popular beliefs or crowd favorites.

For example, if the odds say that team A winning has 10/11 odds, while player A leading the scoreboard has 7/2 odds, then it would be more profitable to wager on the latter. To illustrate this further, an initial bet of 65 THB can grow to 124 THB if you bet on team A winning, but it can grow to as much as 227 THB if you bet on player A leading the scoreboard. Of course, betting on heavy odds is much riskier. But remember that the odds only reflect what other bettors think would happen. If you are a sports enthusiast, you should know that anything can happen once the ball starts rolling on the field.

If you bet on higher odds, the return on your winnings will be more significant. After winning this way several times, say about five to six times, you would have significantly increased your initial investment.

Concentrate on a sport you know.

To successfully wager on heavier odds, you need to concentrate on a sport you already know or are familiar with. Some tipsters might encourage you to chase the odds in different games and spread your bets on several bookmakers. But if you want to go low-risk, it’s much wiser to stick with the sports events you can master.

Sports betting is not based on pure luck alone. It requires a good strategy and the ability to eliminate the least possible outcomes so you can narrow down your betting options. You have to be familiar with the sporting event to predict a result, a specific point spread, or a final game statistic. Only wager on heavy odds if you know that there is a likelihood that your bet can beat the crowd favorite.

It’s not enough that you know how to read the odds. The odds can only tell you how much money you can win based on the betting behavior of other punters. The key to betting low and winning big is your scientific ability to go against popular belief. This challenge requires attention to the history of game statistics, team and player matchups, and the likes.

You don’t need to master too many sporting events to have a chance to win a massive jackpot. You only need one or two sports that you sufficiently learn and focus on them. Don’t worry because bookmakers host almost all game or sporting events you can think of. Finding a betting platform that offers odds on a sport you know wouldn’t be much of a challenge.

Choose a reliable betting website.

Signing up with a trusted betting site is as important as making the right bet. You have to make sure that the website you choose has trusted bookmakers that can deliver huge payouts. Remember that there are still fly-by-night websites and fraudulent agents out there that you need to avoid. So make sure that you only sign up with licensed and reliable casino websites.

You also need to check the promotions and bonuses that each website has to offer. Remember, you are doing low-stake betting; therefore, you should get your hands on all the best bonuses you can get check out at MrCasinova.com/th/ . Promotions and bonuses can potentially increase your winnings. For example, a betting platform can provide you the chance to double up your winning if you sign up with them. Bonuses can work as a multiplier to the heavy odds you are wagering on or as a cushion to absorb some of the unsuccessful bets you made. With good promotions, you are definitely in for a long haul and a chance to win big even though you’re staking low.

Keep on trying.

Most successful sports bettor have had their share of losses and mistakes. Don’t get disheartened if you don’t win instantly. Conversely, don’t get too confident and cocky if you happen to succeed during the first tries. The key to winning big in sports betting is remaining cool-headed and assessing your strategy: both the successes and the mistakes. Clinging to the wrong choices is going to cost you real money. Your ability to become discerning and flexible will help you score that massive amount of cash you have been aiming for.

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