Online slots are the most common types of virtual games in the online gaming industry. Online games attract players from all walks of life by their attractive features, user-friendly interfaces and plenty of rewards points the grant online punters. As the virtual gaming industry continues to boom, irish slots are becoming sophisticated day by day to the extent that it becomes difficult to distinguish types of online games and how to find the best ones to play.

This article is about different types of online slots and how to identify the best ones to play and the best gambling sites for your taste.

What are the Different Types of Online Slots?

         There are four major types of online slots, namely;

  •     Progressive,
  •     Video,
  •     Mega spin,
  •     Classic.

Progressive Slots

         When related chains of slot machines share a jackpot they form what is referred to as a progressive jackpot. In progressive jackpots, the amount scheduled for winning changes upwardly every moment gamblers place stakes on the progressive jackpot games. When a casino sites designs a jackpot amount that does not change then that jackpot is referred to as a fixed jackpot. Try playing a progressive jackpot today and see how the jackpot amount is determined by the number of people playing the game.

Video Slots

         Video casino games are arguably the most famous types of online slots. Video slot machines are known for their highly graphic features including animated graphics and images. A video slot can be based on a popular film like we see in Game of Thrones video slot. Video slots come with at least 5 reels and lots of ways of winning.

Mega Spin Slots

         Mega Spin ones are types of casino games that let punters play up to nine games on different interfaces each with a designated slot. With nearly 45 reels in all the games played simultaneously, punters’ chances of winning exponentially heightens.  Furthermore, jackpot amounts in mega spin slots multiply unbelievably due to simultaneous spinning.

Classic Slots

         Classic slots comprise the type of games that virtually resemble old-school slot machines. Classic ones come with an array of retro-style features and a distinct number of reels and paylines. A classic slot like Hot 27 comes with a number of reels, paylines, and plenty of bonus rounds. The modern online casino games designed like physical ones of the past make up the entire category of classic slot machines.

How to Find the Best Slots to Play

1.     Consider Bonuses and Free Spin Offers

You should determine which ones feature the most impressive bonuses and promotional offers to find out which slot type is the best to play. Different types of games feature different bonuses, promotions, and wild and scatter symbols. You need to examine the random features of a slot type as well as jackpot matches offered by a given type of slot.

2.    Examine which Type of Slots have Higher RTP Rates

Slot types that deliver the most impressive payment come with higher RTPs compared to slot types with lesser payment rates. You need to assess which types of games feature a higher RTP with low volatility strength. Compare the RTP rates of different types of slots to find out the best ones you can play.

3.    Read Online Slot Reviews

Various online slot review sites are effective platforms for knowing the best types of online slots. Besides documenting the strength and weaknesses of different types of slots, slot review sites provide information about underlying features that are associated with the best ones to play.


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