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How To Choose The Best Instant Payout Casino

ByDave Stopher

Jul 9, 2024

With instant payout casinos, there’s no need to wait to receive your winnings. You can withdraw the money to your e-wallet, cryptocurrency wallet, or bank and have the funds available immediately. Typically, the speed of withdrawals is determined by the withdrawal method you use as well as the casino’s terms. So, while cryptocurrencies can offer some of the fastest transaction times if the casino site only processes withdrawals once or twice a day, you are still left waiting hours to get your money.

Some sites process withdrawal requests immediately, which can greatly speed up the process and give players access to their winnings sooner.

Withdrawal Methods

One of the biggest factors in determining withdrawal time is the method players use to withdraw funds. Typical options include traditional banking methods like card and bank account withdrawals, the use of electronic wallets, and cryptocurrency transactions. However, not all payment methods are available at UKGC-regulated sites in the UK. For example, crypto gambling is not allowed in the UK, but it’s a popular payment method at offshore casinos. These have the added benefit of not being part of the Gamstop self-exclusion programme in the UK, allowing gamblers to play with fewer barriers (source: casinosnotongamstop.ltd).

Here are some of the fastest payment methods available at international casinos (and some are also available within the UK):

E-Wallets – An electronic wallet, or e-wallet, is a wallet that stores banking and other personal details online. It is typically connected to a person’s bank account, and the user can then deposit and withdraw cash to and from the wallet.

Some wallets include basic or even full banking facilities, which means customers may not need to withdraw their funds to another account to be able to spend them. E-wallets tend to offer quick withdrawals and deposits, but if you then have to wait for a withdrawal from your digital wallet to your bank, this still means you have to wait before being able to access cash.

Banks – Using a traditional bank allows for withdrawals to cards or direct to bank accounts. While it can take a day or longer to withdraw to a card, withdrawing to a bank account is usually much quicker. Again, though, it does depend on how quickly the casino submits withdrawal requests.

Crypto – Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin, are becoming increasingly popular deposit and withdrawal options for online casinos. They offer the lowest transaction time of all payment methods, although the exact time depends on the crypto used. Bitcoin can take ten minutes, while currencies like Solano should be virtually instant.

Cryptocurrency also offers anonymity, security, and greater privacy compared to submitting your bank details to casino websites or using a traceable e-wallet.

Casino Processing Times

The payment method you use is only part of the equation to determine withdrawal times, however. Another influencing factor is how long the real money online casino you use takes to process a withdrawal request. Some casinos only process requests once a day, which means you could be waiting 24 hours before the payment is even started. If the payment then takes another day, you could be waiting up to 48 hours to get your winnings. If fast withdrawals are important to you, choose sites that offer instant withdrawals using the fastest payment methods.

Check The Terms

Casinos should detail how they deal with withdrawal requests within their terms and conditions if the information isn’t immediately accessible on the home page of the site.

Read Reviews

Another way to determine withdrawal time is to read reviews online. Lots of players are keen to get their money back, and if they find that a casino offers fast or slow withdrawals, they may leave reviews to highlight that fact.

Withdrawal Requirements

There are some other factors that might determine how quickly you can access winnings. These aren’t strictly payment times, but they do factor in.

Wagering Requirements

A lot of casinos that offer bonuses place stipulations on any winnings that came from those bonuses. For example, if you take advantage of a $10 sign-up bonus, and you win $100 with that money, the casino might stipulate that you have to have wagered the initial deposit ten times over before you can withdraw. This means that you would have to place bets equivalent to $100 before you can withdraw any winnings.

Withdrawal Limits

Most sites have daily withdrawal limits, which can limit the amount you can withdraw in a day. Most sites also have similar limits on weekly and monthly withdrawals, so if you have a big win at an online casino, you might have to submit daily withdrawals until you get all of the money out. These limits are usually in the thousands, though, so it shouldn’t take too long to get any cash back.

Manual Checks

While most withdrawals are processed automatically, casinos will occasionally perform manual checks on bets and winnings before they initiate the withdrawal. You should be informed if this is the case, either before withdrawal or when you try to make the withdrawal, and the casino software should inform you how long the process takes. In most cases, a manual check takes around 24 hours to complete.

Other Factors To Consider When Choosing Casinos

As well as withdrawal time, there are a lot of other factors to consider when choosing the best online casino. You will want access to a good range of games, paying particular attention to the games you most enjoy playing. For example, if you like slots, look at those casinos with the most online slots options and maybe those that offer free spins.

Also, check out the RTP of sites with games of chance. This is most often seen on slots. RTP stands for Return To Player and is the total amount of money wagered that is returned to players in winnings. The figure is given as a percentage and averaged out, so you aren’t guaranteed to get that amount back whenever you deposit. Typical RTPs range from 95% upwards, and the higher the RTP, the greater your chance of having winnings to withdraw.

Do look at bonuses. These not only give you extra money to play with, but they also give you a good opportunity to check out the games on offer and ensure that you get along with the software. Check wagering requirements, whether bonuses are available for new or existing players, and the exact requirements you need to meet to access the bonuses on offer. Last but not least, when choosing an online casino always check that the site is licensed and registered, as regulations are regularly updated all around the world and gamers must stay up to date to ensure the best experience.