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Common Myths About Goalkeeper Gloves Busted

ByDave Stopher

Jul 9, 2024

There are numerous myths and misconceptions in football. Some are harmless. But others are worrying, or even downright dangerous. They might lead young and inexperienced players to make major mistakes, like buying the wrong goalkeeper gloves.

With that in mind, lets bust a few of the most common glove-related falsehoods.

All Goalkeeper Gloves Are More or Less the Same

First up, this myth is particularly common among people who don’t necessarily have much experience with goalkeeper gloves or are buying them for the first time. Mums and dads looking for a pair of gloves for their young goalie, for example, might assume they’re all more-or-less identical.

Nothing could be further from the truth. In reality, one pair of gloves can be massively different to the next in so many areas, from the materials used to the level of grip and, perhaps most importantly, the safety features too. That’s why you have to research gloves and compare options before you buy.

Aesthetics/Cut/Backhand/etc. Are the Most Important Things to Look for in Goalie Gloves

If you ask other people for advice or read goalie glove buying guides, they might champion one particular aspect as “the most important” to look for. However, there’s no single most important factor in goalie gloves.

Instead, there are lots of different aspects that can all be important and influence your decision when picking a pair of gloves. Cut – the way the fingers and backhand are stitched – is important for control. Backhands are important for punching. Palms are important for grip. And so on.

More Expensive Gloves Are Always Better

This is another common myth, not only regarding goalkeeper gloves, but also football boots and a lot of sporting equipment in general. People assume that if it’s got a higher price tag attached, it must be better than the rest.

But this isn’t always true. Yes, more expensive gloves are certainly better than most budget alternatives, but not in every case. It’s perfectly possible to find decent gloves at lower budgets, and certain expensive gloves may not offer the levels of comfort or safety you require.

Goalie Gloves Don’t Really Make Any Difference to How You Perform

This particular myth is mainly perpetuated by those who may not have much experience of playing the game, or who’ve only ever played in outfield positions. The right goalkeeper gloves can absolutely help you play better. Conversely, the wrong gloves can also bring your performance levels down, too.

This doesn’t mean that you’ll suddenly be able to pull off dramatic diving saves with ease if you get the right gloves. But you should feel more confident in your abilities, have a better grip, punch and throw with more power and accuracy, and be less likely to fumble the ball as well.

Bonus Myths About Goalie Glove Maintenance

We’ve seen some of the main myths about buying and using goalkeeper gloves. Now, let’s finish off with a few more myths concerning washing and looking after them.

You Should Toss Gloves in the Washing Machine in Between Games

Nope. Washing machines aren’t recommended for goalie gloves. It’s also not a good idea to use any aggressive solvents or chemical cleaners. Wash them with warm water by hand instead.

Pre-Washing Your Gloves Removes Their Grip

Again, this is wrong. Pre-washing your gloves is strongly recommended by many glove manufacturers. It helps to get rid of any soap and chemicals on the surface of the gloves and activates the grip.

Wetting Your Gloves Makes Them Slippery and Awkward

This one is partially true. Right after you squirt some water on your gloves, they may feel a little slippery. But after a minute or so, the water soaks in and activates the latex, which should actually improve your grip and help you make more catches and saves with less risk of fumbles.

Learn the Truth About Goalkeeper Gloves

To sum up, don’t believe everything you hear. In sporting circles, it’s easy for myths and misinformation to spread, and believing the wrong info could send you down a dangerous, costly path. Listen to the pros and do your research before buying goalie gloves or any other piece of footie gear.