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How To Find The Best Builders For Cabinet Refacing St. Louis?


Sep 22, 2020 #life

Cabinet refacing is just a face lift or a way to transform your kitchen at a very reasonable price, refacing is also known as cabinet resurfacing that allows you to transform the appearance of your kitchen, by keeping its existing shape intact. The refacing process includes replacing your existing cabinet frames using durable plywood, a maintenance-free laminate to cover the plywood, or a veneer of real wood. Like many homeowners, if you are planning to renew and update your kitchen, hire Fresh Faced Cabinets, Cabinet Refacing St. Louis builders. 

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If you really wish to design your wall cabinets and add a new dimension to your kitchen, cabinet refacing is the best option available. This time and cost-saving process offers a new look and style to your kitchen. This process requires expert craftsmanship to ensure a perfect measurement of refaced cabinet boxes and color match to blend with doors and drawers front. This kind of transformation involves four steps procedure ie. resurface, reinforce, refinished, and reinvigorate your cabinets. 

Process of Cabinet Refacing:- 

The method of cabinet refacing required certified professional and experienced workers to complete the transformation using new hinges, pulls/ knobs, and even molding. This process can work wonders only if your cabinet boxes are in good shape. This process involves.

  1. Prepare Kitchen:- In order to get your kitchen ready for refacing the doors and drawers are removed. 
  2. Bonding the Frames:- A high-quality ¼ grade plywood is bonded to the frames as the first layer of lamination to ensure an exclusive double lamination. 
  3. Using High-Quality Veneer:- For an exterior finish, a high-quality veneer (woods/laminate) is used as the second layer of lamination. 
  4. Using New Hardware:- To complete the kitchen transformation new doors and drawers are installed to perfectly match with your already existing structure.

Why Is Refreshing The Best Option For Most Of The Cabinets? 

Most of the cabinets are reface-able but a few exceptions make us think whether it is good and can overcome kitchen design challenges, the answer is yes. A cabinet refacing has the following:-

  1. It offers an excellent transformation at a reasonable price for new cabinets.
  2. You can easily add more cabinets, utilizing your already existing kitchen layout.
  3. If you need taller cabinets, refacing can help you increase the height of your cabinets with ease.
  4. It offers upgraded cabinet storage options to solve your problems relating to kitchen functionality.
  5. It offers a wide range of latest kitchen accessibility and living solutions.

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How Does Cabinet Refacing Support Homeowners? 

There is a lot of difference between cabinet refacing and brand new cabinetry. Refaced kitchens offer homeowners with the customization option which includes warranty, no permits, and average installation time. Eco-friendly products require no rip out with a large range of colours and styles. The homeowners also enjoy the dedicated services and expert design advice when choosing hardware. 


Cabinet refacing can last long if special measures and care are taken. It can last up to 20 years. This can really make your cabinet structurally strong therefore always hire the best builders who are certified craftsmen as trained installers and experienced in kitchen cabinetry.

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