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How to get free solar panels with a UK government grant

As the energy crisis continues to impact households around the country, more and more people are looking at renewable energy sources to potentially save them money on their bills long term. Solar panels have been a popular addition to a lot of homes over recent years, but their installation costs do deter many individuals from taking the steps to have them fitted. This could change thanks to the government’s ECO4 scheme which provides free solar panel grants to people who meet the eligibility criteria. Head to to find out if you could qualify for a grant.

How can the ECO4 scheme help you get free solar panels?

Local Authorities and energy companies have grants available and ready to share with qualifying households to help them improve their energy efficiency and cut their bills. Under the latest variation of the ECO scheme, more emphasis is placed on income rather than receiving benefits. This means that low-income houses (below £31,000) can be eligible for funding even if they are not claiming any benefits.

Under ECO4, 50% of the measures will be provided through LA Flex which gives extra help to those who are classed as low income but don’t receive any benefits. The main aim of the scheme is to improve the low Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) D to G rated properties through energy efficiency measures like solar panels.

What solar panel grants schemes are available?

Grants are available to homes under the government’s ECO4 scheme. Its intention is to help households that are likely to struggle with the expense of heating their homes as well as those in a low EPC band.

As well as this those who invest in solar panels can benefit from the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) which was put in place in January 2020 and allows small low-carbon electricity generators to get payments for the extra energy they provide back to the grid. Any homeowners with regular solar panel systems are eligible through SEG.

Can you get a solar panel grant under the ECO4 scheme?

The ECO scheme changes from ECO3 to ECO4 in July 2022 which means individuals over the next 4 years can apply to have solar panels fitted with the potential for it to be fully funded. It is a government-backed scheme that places an obligation on energy companies to provide grants and help households to be more energy-efficient and lower their bills. Some of the largest energy suppliers that provide funding for solar panels include Npower, E. ON, British Gas, SSE, EDF, and Scottish Power.

How do you qualify for free solar panels?

To qualify for the ECO4 scheme and get big savings with a solar panel grant, you should be claiming one or more of the benefits below.

You could also be eligible if your household income is under the set threshold, and you are receiving child benefits. These thresholds can vary based on how many children you have and if you are a single parent or two-parent household. 


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