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How to Plan a Fun Family Break in the UK


Aug 16, 2021

A breakaway cannot only help you relax and unwind, but it will provide many opportunities to enjoy some quality time with your children and other half. As you’ll work hard throughout the year, you might want to spend your hard-earned money on a fun-filled trip that will bring your loved ones together. To avoid looking back on a getaway with regrets, here are some handy tips on how to plan a fun family break in the UK.

Find a Destination for the Whole Family

It is crucial to find a destination that offers something for everyone. Spend some time researching different cities, towns, and national parks to find a location that will provide each family member with a fun activity. For example, museums and theme parks are ideal for young and older children, while mum and dad should treat themselves to a luxurious hotel to enjoy once the kids have fallen asleep. It could even include a soothing hot tub or a relaxing balcony.

Book a Table at a Family-Friendly Restaurant

Research the best family-friendly restaurants at a destination to ensure there is a dish for every taste and personality. For example, if you want to book a table at a restaurant in Derby, you can choose from many authentic American burgers from Annie’s Burger Shack, such as The Boston Nibbler or The Elvis burger. Plus, they offer a fantastic kids’ menu. Whatever restaurant you choose, you would be smart to book a table in advance to avoid disappointment.

Pack Wisely

Packing can be a chore for most parents, as they will have many items to place into their luggage. Avoid stress by writing a checklist many weeks in advance, which will provide plenty of time to add items to your list. Also, you must stock up on supplies to ensure your child’s health and safety during travel, such as:

  • A first aid kit
  • Sun cream
  • A sun hat
  • Any prescription medications

Choose the Right Mode of Transport

While a flight might be a quicker alternative to a car journey, it could result in your child experiencing a meltdown during travel. If you want to avoid an emotional outburst due to irritability or discomfort, a road trip might be a wise alternative. You can stop off at a service station as you make your way from A to B, which will allow your kids to stretch their legs, enjoy some fresh air and experience a change of scenery.

Look for Educational Experiences

A holiday can be both fun and educational for the whole family. Before visiting a town or city in the UK, research the best historical sites to ignite an interest in a subject. For example, you can guarantee your kids will be fascinated by Edinburgh Castle’s bloody history, and you could encourage them to try the many flavours of a destination’s local cuisine. The travel experience is bound to stand out in their minds and could even support their studies.

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