The internet has established itself as a necessary part of life. Instant communication, shopping, videos of cats, everything you could need is right there with a few clicks. If you are trying to set up a business in an already saturated market, a hugely important step is to establish yourself online.

Need a helping hand? Here are a few tips to get yourself set up online and fortify your presence while creating a competitive edge for your company.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

From day one, you need to be able to compete with people who are in the same online niche as you. Whether you hire a team or have an in house individual, SEO can help you gain some traction online and earn those sort after clicks to your site. To get the best rankings on Google or other search engines, you need to play by its rules and get yourself onto page one of the searches.

It can get quite complicated and thus needs the eyes of an expert, but here are some simple starting points to help you rank.

  1. Website design – Make sure your site is easy to navigate and that the eyes of the consumer are drawn to the areas of importance.
  2. Content – regular content uploads can help people engage with your site, but also that content, if written correctly, can help you climb the rankings in Google through the use of Key Words and phrases that help you compete with your rival companies.
  3. Relevant – Similar to the regular content uploads, make sure that, within the niche that you sit, you are keeping your site up to date. Keep on top of trends so that when the search engine is crawling searches, you will rank higher because you have the most up to date information.

Know Your Business AND Be Able To Explain It

It may sound like a silly thing to say, but it’s so important to know your own companies mission and goals. Don’t over complicate what you are offering. Have goals – both short and long term goals – that you can explain easily and logically achieve. Knowing your business inside out means you’ll be able to describe your brand accurately to anyone that comes across your website.

Think of it as watching a movie. In a typical linear film, within the first few minutes, you are introduced to the protagonist and some sort of story that helps you gauge the themes and plot. When someone comes to your website, you need to establish who you are and what you do quickly. Few people will spend time searching your site forever for an explanation of what your business does.

If no one knows how you work and what you will do for them, you are not likely to solidify yourself online. You could lose valuable clients if your site doesn’t advertise your excellent work.


You have likely scrolled through Facebook or seen that banners online telling you about a company or product. Annoying as they are getting yourself a slot in one of these advertising slots can work wonders for your company.

This one is a pretty simple and obvious concept to grasp: the more you advertise, the more people will see you. People may even pass on your services through word of mouth and bring more customers to you.

As a new entrepreneur, study what other companies do and ask questions before you run headfirst into spending big money on adverts. Start small and build rather than blowing your budget and failing.


The above are just a few helpful tips to get yourself established online and solidify yourself among the big hitters. Remember, nothing is free, and everything takes time, so don’t expect instant results. Be patient, and you’ll grow in time.