Jarrow-based Wescott Coatings are reporting a huge interest for their in-house rope access training courses, the latest one of which commences in January 2018.

The courses offer three levels of IRATA (International Rope Access Training Association) qualifications from a Level 1 Technician, designed to take individuals with no previous experience familiar with the basic principles of movement on ropes, right up to a Level 3 Supervisor, designed to give experienced personnel who have over 1,000 hours of working as Level 2 technicians the necessary skills to supervise the safe operation of all rope access operations, including legislation, competence in inspection, risk assessment and site management.

Paul Hasney, Wescott’s Rope Access Manager, commented, “The growth in offshore activities, particularly on wind farm maintenance, has created a real demand for technicians who have rope access training, but other sectors, particularly building and transport fabric maintenance, also have a steady requirement.”

“Our industry is obviously highly focused on safety – Wescott, for example have almost 700,000 man hours LTI (Lost Time Injury) free, and we intend to keep it that way – but this only comes through intensive training which is usually, in our case, focused on safety and environmental responsibility. The days of the cowboys with no training and unsuitable equipment have long gone and the rope access industry offers very good career prospects.”

“There’s no particular pre-requisites for course students – you need to be physically fit as this is a strenuous occupation and obviously, unafraid of heights, but beyond that we have had individuals from all sorts of industries and backgrounds on previous courses, many of whom we’ve been able to offer employment.”

“The coatings industry has experienced a real boost as the importance of coatings in asset maintenance has been realised and we also offer a variety of additional coatings courses for our own staff.”

For further details of Wescott’s Rope Access course, please contact the training department on +44 191 497 5550.

Established in 2010, Wescott Coatings work primarily in the Offshore, Transport Infrastructure and Industrial Facilities sectors, enjoying an annual turnover of over £5m and employing some 90 full time managerial, supervisory and multi discipline operatives with the ability to employ temporary onsite crews employed for specific projects to suit requirements. As of November 2017 the company has enjoyed working over 700,000 hours LTI free. The company has their own training subsidiary at Jarrow providing rope access and safety training. For further information please visit www.wescottcoatings.com or email Matthew Doyle, Commercial Director – matthew.doyle@wescottcoatings.com.