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If You Buy HUH Token, Do It at Launch or on A Friday

ByDave Stopher

Sep 13, 2021

There are no regulatory authorities associated with digital currencies. As a decentralized asset, cryptocurrencies can be traded anytime for equity exchanges.  This means we investors, can buy or sell digital currencies whenever we please.

However, from my analysis, I have seen more coins perform better during the weekend. Technically, cryptocurrencies are somewhat vulnerable to enormous market swings during weekends and holidays.  Using BTC as an example, in mid-April, the value of Bitcoin increased up to 10% over a weekend.

While this may not be financial advice, it is somehow logical and evident for us to see. Like Bitcoin, other altcoins also show the same trend.  This includes Shiba Inu, Dogecoin, and we believe also HUH Token will.

HUH Token Is a Warrior

Of course, crypto is a very volatile and risky venture.  You must have considerable knowledge of the market before investing.  Otherwise, you might not be different from the regular gambler down the street.

If you want to invest in the crypto market, then you can do so with HUH Token. Understandably, HUH is looking to be a reliable and speculative crypto Token with very high-profit potentials. According to the HUH team, HUH is being created to allow everyone to earn passive income.  It is aiming to change the way crypto is currently viewed.  They aim to be the first token to redistribute both BNB and HUH Token to the community.

As mentioned earlier, buying HUH Token might not be financial advice.  However, after their launch in just over 1 week, HUH is speculated to gain real utility. This means, if you’d buy, I would do it the moment it is launched.  But what you should note is, it is relatively profitable to buy your HUH Token on Friday, right before the expected weekend growth!

Crypto coins, from past trends, increase in value on weekends, starting from Friday, and move otherwise afterward.  You definitely want to buy low; if you miss the launch then on  a Friday is your next big chance.

How To Buy HUH Token?

Once the token has launched you will be able to buy HUH on PancakeSwap with BNB.

It is exciting to see if the HUH Token will reach the targets it is aiming for.

Follow them on their Socials before they officially Launch to keep up to date:

Website: https://huh.social/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/HuhToken

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/huhtoken/

Telegram: https://t.me/HuhToken