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Improving Writing Skills: Advice for Students of All Ages

Writing is fundamental in the academic life of a child, regardless of their age. Not only does it assists in the communication of thoughts and tasks completion, but also the demonstration of the proficiency of a skill. Adopting CCS – Common Core Standards enables students to utilize their writing abilities more than they often do across their course. Nowadays, writing is not taught as a standalone subject. Instead, it has undergone integration in all core academic fields. Students are bound to encounter writing tasks in their academic lives. Hence, it is essential that they augment their writing skills as early as they can. Some of the writing tasks teachers and professors give students include math problems, multiple choice study questions, dissertation writing, essay writing, and research paper writing.

Writing is a daunting task for many students. The majority always struggle with their assignments to the extent of facing frustration and discouragement. Putting thoughts and opinions into words on paper in a systematic manner is quite challenging. Regardless, parents can help show support and enrich their kid’s writing skills in the home surrounding. With this professional aid, it will be easy for students to write and for them to enjoy their tasks. Additionally, it will help them to develop better writing skills. Team of education experts of EduJungles prepared some tips you can use to learn how to improve writing skills for kids.

Play writing games

Writing games such as crossword puzzles and word board games are fun writing activities for kids. These games help children know how to spell and punctuate a particular word as well as deriving their synonyms. Writing games go a long way in developing the writing skills for a child. Kids tend to concentrate on what they are learning, as these games do not bore them with ease. Additionally, writing games help children to know and understand the meanings of some words and phrases which they can use to polish their writing.


Reading is one of the most fundamental writing skills for kids a student can adopt if they want to better their writing skills. Reading helps a child to develop a stronger comprehension of the written language. Children get to come across stronger vocabulary, which exposes them to different writing styles and formats.

But, when it comes to younger children, you need to leave out vocabulary and phrases. Instead, ask them for word suggestions which may work. Children tend to accustom themselves with written language at an early age. Thus, this boosts their confidence in writing their articles.

Get involved

Involving yourself in your child’s tales and writings can help you track their progress. An efficient tip to embrace in building writing skills is showing an interest in their activities. Ask questions. Join them in celebration when they get to receive an award or gift in school for their performance. Encourage their writing as much as you can.

Play tracing games

Tracing games are efficient activities to improve writing skills you can use to better your child’s writing skills. You may want to teach your young children how to write. However, you may be wondering which technique you will use with them. Well, you can play tracing games with your youngsters. Tracing games help advance their letter-sound understanding as well as their motor skills. Select a letter each day and trace it. Then, sound it out by using household items which start with that sound or letter.

Develop a writing space

Another essential technique you can use to learn how to build writing skills is creating a writing space. Having your writing space can help you to put down all your writing equipment with you, thereby enabling you to visit this place on a daily basis.

Utilize story prompts

Starting your writing task is always the most challenging bit. While some people may ask you to seek assistance from buy custom essay services, you can cut out pictures from magazines with distinctive locations or characters. Also, you can note down different words and phrases. Place these words, phrases, and pictures in a jar and use them as writing prompts to develop an exceptional story. This can be one of the fun writing games which you can involve other family members.

Take heed from academic professionals

Academic professionals are people who know much about writing. Seeking advice from them enables you to know how you can improve your writing skills as well as how you can make your writing stand out from the rest. Also, you can hire them to be writing essays for you whenever you have too many tasks to complete. Do not hesitate to contact them whenever you need help with your academic writing assignments.

Embolden journaling

Journaling is an efficient means to develop a day-to-day writing habit. You get to note down activities and happening of each day. Additionally, it does not have to be in-depth. You only need to note down the transpiration of the day’s activities regardless of them being mundane.

Letter writing

Letter writing and penmanship are arts which few people use to improve their writing skills. Letters were means of communication back then. And if you want your child to improve their writing skills, consider asking them to exhibit their letter writing skills. Also, encourage them to write as many letters as possible to their friends and family. This will enable you to note where you go wrong with your writing and aim to improve it.

Write about your interests

Writing about your interests is an ideal method to motivate yourself. Connecting your interests to writing is an efficient means to stimulate creativity and active thinking. Read a lot. Spend much time in a special writing area. Include fun writing activities and games. These will go a long way in boosting your writing skills.


Editing is a fundamental step when it comes to writing. And for your child to learn about the different writing styles, he or she ought to proofread their article and check for mistakes. If they do not know how to, avail yourself and revise the document or work. Check for grammatical, spelling, and punctuation mistakes. Correct all these errors before forwarding that work.

In conclusion, writing is an exasperating task for many students irrespective of their age. While some are still struggling to learn how to write out ages, others are trying to take their writing skills to another level. The techniques a child will use to improve their writing skills are not similar to the techniques an adult would use. Thus, if you are wondering what techniques you can use, consider the tips above on how to develop writing skills in students.

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