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Independent Living: 5 Easy Home Adaptations for Elderly Relatives

ByDave Stopher

Nov 28, 2019 #property

Help your parents or grandparents stay in their own home for longer with these easy and affordable home adaptations for elderly people.

The vast majority of older people in Britain stay in their homes. How do they do it? By choosing the right home adaptations.

According to a report issued by the House of Commons, 27 per cent of older people have chosen some adaptation geared towards improving their safety or mobility. Finding these adaptations is simple. All you need to do is ask your local council for a home assessment.

Keep reading to learn about some of the most common home adaptations for the elderly.

  1. Grab Rails

Grab rails are a simple product that you can often have installed for free.

They go near your toilet and shower as well as near your bed. All the bars do is give you something sturdy to hold onto if injury or illness makes standing up difficult.

  1. Concrete Ramps

If you struggle with steps or your GP or home assessor is worried about your risk of falling, you can install a concrete ramp to avoid the steps at the entrance to your home.

Like grab rails, these are commonly used, so much so that you often find that the local council can help you pay for it.

  1. Electric Riser Recliners

You might joke that your chair is so comfortable that you don’t want to get up. However, if the truth is that you find it to be a bit of a struggle, then you might benefit from an electric riser recliner.

Electric riser recliners by Mobility World give you a helping hand when you find sitting down and standing up out of your chair is difficult. You can even get them made to measure to help you recover from injuries or help with arthritis.

  1. Door-Entry Intercoms, Video Entry Phones, and Wireless Doorbells

If you find it challenging to get to the front door, you can install a wireless doorbell and a door-entry intercom system so you can see who’s there and open the door for them. Installation is straightforward, and your service provider puts the entry phone near your chair, so it’s in reach.

Video entry phones are also a good idea. Unfortunately, fraudsters target older people in Britain, so it is essential to be able to ask for ID before opening the door.

  1. Bath Lifts and Walk-in Baths

Your bath and shower can be a significant slip and fall risk, but there’s no shortage of home adaptations for it. You can choose from battery-powered bath lifts, walk-in baths with side openings, and remodelling the room with non-slip floors to ensure you maintain your independence.

Home Adaptations for the Elderly Help Keep Us in Our Homes

As we grow older, some things become a bit trickier. Maybe you don’t have the strength or balance you used to, or perhaps you find yourself just moving generally slower.

Home adaptations for the elderly help make daily living simpler so you can enjoy your life just as you’ve always done.

Do you have questions about making life simpler? Talk to your local council or your GP. And don’t forget to visit our Health archive for more helpful information.

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