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InflateSpace Brings 20,000 Sq Ft Of Bouncy Fun To Newcastle

Are you tired of the same old park, movie, and restaurant routine every weekend? You know your kids are. It’s time to switch from boring activities that kill time to InflateSpace’s fun theme park where you’ll lose track of time.

InflateSpace is the UK’s largest indoor inflatable theme park and is like nothing you have ever seen before! Imagine your kids spending time in a giant inflatable arena filled with an exciting range of activities. They can zoom down extreme slides, wrestle in inflatable sumo rings, explore bouncy planets, and sword fight gladiator-style with battle sticks. Just like a roulette strategy, the fun factor is unpredictable and exciting at the same time!

Things To Do

There are a ton of activities your kids can participate in. They may run out of time, but not things to do. And what’s more, you can play too! Everyone over the age of 4 can have fun at InflateSpace, though, kids under 13 mandatorily need a guardian.

  • AstroBalls – Remember that game show ‘Total Wipeout’ in which players used to try to get across a river by jumping on rolling wooden logs and fail hilariously? Well replace everything with inflatables and you’ll have AstroBalls.
  • Rocket Racers – This is a 2-lane assault course where kids and their friends will have to get over a range of unique obstacles and challenges to become the winner.
  • InflateCrater – This super-fun planet floor lets kids have a space-like bouncing experience thanks to a huge range of springy inflatable pads.
  • Space Jam Slam-Dunk – What would it feel like playing basketball in outer space? Space Jam Slam-Dunk is the answer. Kids can try shooting 3 pointers in four basketball lanes in the arena.
  • Planet Pillars – Let your kids feel like Ant-Man running through grass or on carpets in this planet of air-filled pillars. Kids can race each other, too, to see who makes it out of the pillar forest first.
  • Space Wars Battle Beam – Take your kids to the gladiator era by letting them duel and knock each other off their feet. Only the most skilled warriors will prevail.
  • Gravity Grab – Similar to the popular children’s game Hungry Hippos, five players can compete with each other to grab the most number of balls in a limited time. The bungee cords attached to their bodies make the game anything but easy.
  • Orbiter Wipeout – A last-man-standing game where kids will have to duck and jump to avoid getting hit by the rotating beam swing.
  • Meteor Mound – Just some pure bouncy fun where people on one side can bounce the people on the other side of a huge air-filled mound.
  • Planet Hop – Another game borrowed from those fun games shows in which people falling in water was funny, kids will have to hop over stepping stones using their nimble footwork and make it across without touching the floor.
  • Warp Speed Slide – Everyone loves slides, but what if they were big and soft and bouncy. Zoom through the shoot and whiz down at warp speed in various slides located in the arena.
  • SpaceRider – You and your kids can fly through the air in the longest indoor ZipCoaster in Europe. What’s a ZipCoaster? It’s a Zipline and roller coaster combined into one.
  • Crater Climb – InflateSpace takes mountain climbing to a whole new level of fun for kids with a giant inflatable wall that only the nervy can dare to scale.

How Can I Play?

InflateSpace offers many ways of participating in the bouncy fun.

  • Open Bounce

Open Bounce is what InflateSpace calls General Admission. Anyone above the age of 4 can get entry and enjoy an hour of bouncing in the indoor inflatable theme park. Bouncers have access to all of the activities except SpaceRider which requires an additional charge and a minimum height requirement of 1.1m.

  • Family Bounce

Families with children of mixed ages between 1 and 11 can enjoy bouncing together. This session is also specially designed for toddlers who can’t participate in general bounce sessions. The only condition is that for every 2 juniors, there should be at least one 1 paying adult who is participating and actively supervising. This can also be done through hotline casino 50 free spins.

  • Space Parties

Planning a birthday party can be frustrating. But InflateSpace makes parties fast, easy, and stress-free. You can book the entire arena for a minimum of 10 children.

You kid is sure to have a unique birthday experience with their friends during the 60-minute bounce session and an additional 30 minutes for food and drinks in the party area. Kids will get a kid’s meal and a drink included.

  • Groups

The InflateSpace arena can be rented for many types of private sessions. Schools can use it to celebrate achievements at school, as an exciting group exercise, or even as an end of term treat.

Companies can use it to switch from the boring, common team-building exercises. The wide range of activities like racing in assault courses or battling in bouncy colosseums can add a twist to team bonding opportunities and are sure to be remembered in the workplace long after.

Even other large groups, clubs, organizations can hire the place for a special private party. The space is big enough to accommodate over 150 guests at once and offers optional food and drink choices.


  • Should I book in advance?

It’s better to book online in advance to avoid disappointment, especially during peak seasons.

  • When should I arrive?

It’s best to arrive 30 minutes early to be able to check-in. If you’re late, you’ll lose your booked slot and may get assigned to a later session.

  • Do I have to pay if I don’t want to bounce?

If you don’t want to bounce, you don’t have to and can simply hang out in the cafe and viewing area.

  • What should I wear?

There’s no dress code at InflateSpace, so you should stick with comfortable clothes. Avoid wearing or bringing sharp things like belt buckles, jewellery, or key chains. The arena will, however, provide you with a pair of antibacterial socks which you’ll be required to wear the entire time you’re inside.

  • Where is the location?

The address is InflateSpace Newcastle Units A3, A4 & A5 Benfield Business Park, Benfield Road Newcastle-upon-Tyne, NE6 4NQ. As the arena shares parking with the rest of the Benton Business Park, you may struggle to find a spot during peak times. It is located directly behind the Walkgergate Metro station, so you can visit via the metro system as well.