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Internet & Influencers | How Technological Revolution Have an Impact on the Life in Move?

ByDave Stopher

Sep 30, 2019 #North East

In the recent past, when we wanted to read a newspaper, we had to buy a local paper edition at the corner newsstand just to read the news of the previous day. Today, with just one click we can enjoy not only our local newspaper but also the reports from anywhere in the world, with a permanent content update.

This fantastic virtual network has evolved dramatically since its creation, which is, however, very recent from the perspective of history, and little has been left of that first static network designed to transport a few bytes.

At this moment, infinite amounts of information are uploaded and downloaded in this electronic giant that brought us virtual networks where we share our everyday life events and follow our favorite celebrities.

Social media explosion radically changed the way we perceive the world by creating the kind of reality where everyone could be followed with one click. The same truth brought us influencers and various internet personalities which shape our way of thinking and decision making.

In any given moment when you scroll through your feed, you can see the clear signs of how this arguably the most significant technological invention changed life on the move as we know it.

Traveling and Working Online from Anywhere Has Become a Dream Come True for Millions

Even the grumpiest man in the world has dreamed about this possibility once or twice. The technological revolution has gifted us the opportunity to stay online theoretically wherever we go, and that brought countless options for working online while traveling around the globe.

Today millions of people fulfilled their dreams of traveling around the world while staying in touch with all their friends and family. All that is needed is that you roll out your Samsonite rolling laptop bag, bring your laptop with a travel ticket, and you can already taste the rush of the present-day world.

There are so many things you can make money on today, and it is probably mainly about daring to take the step.

What I think prevents most people is that most jobs you can combine with travel are online-based. Since many want to live this life, competition for jobs online is very fierce, which generally leads to lower wages than a regular job and that fact is the friendliest remainder when you think of all the travel expenses.

So I think you have to be prepared to go down in pay in exchange for a freer life that allows you to travel more and on your own terms.

If you are only prepared to make this a priority, there should be a lot of opportunities to travel around and take the job wherever you are. It will require harder work for the same money, but in exchange, you can choose your own working hours, where you are, and how much you work.

Decent self-discipline is supposed to facilitate, but I think the most important thing is the personal drive and desire for the lifestyle that one can make possible by being able to work while traveling.

Being Online All the Time and Staying in Shape Doesn’t Really Go Hand in Hand

And that is the sad reality we are living in. On one side we can obtain information and create amazing things from the comfort of our chair and with the magic of our fingers. But on the other hand, our health conditions suffer gradually over time from increased inactivity.

It has become more and more challenging to leave home and do regular workouts since the rush of everyday life usually takes away all the available daylight hours for work duties and evening is generally reserved for resting.

Therefore the new age brought to us unlike conditions such as “gaming wrist” and other types of hand discomfort. That is why more and more people use wrist compression brace while working at the keyboard. A very important thing for anyone who spends many hours (for whatever the reason) at the PC, is to keep hands pain-free and these orthopedic helpers seem like a gift from God during the tiresome office day.

It’s both contradictory and kind of funny that the faster the Internet we get, the slower we become and our physical conditions are deteriorating from the reality created by the technical revolution.

Consequently, we must balance the fruits of technological innovation and our own physical wellbeing to enjoy the most exceptional opportunity and wonders of technological innovation prolifically.

Internet of Things and Humans of Tomorrow

Imagine that you are sleeping on the couch. Suddenly you get a notification in the health app on your mobile that the couch reports that you’ve been sitting there for more than six hours, so it’s time to take a jog.

In the hallway are the running shoes, which in the last half-year have reported 25 jogging trips to the same health app, of which 12 of the total 18 hours have been on asphalt. Therefore, the app tells you that you should run on the softer terrain today. Does that sound like a perfect future Sci-fi movie from the 80′?

Well, that is the reality of the Internet of Things that we are experiencing at the moment. The automatization of everyday life has reached the highest point with its arrival. This may seem like an unlikely horror scenario to some when the everyday things we surround ourselves with become “smart” and start to talk to us and each other over the Internet. That may be true for some people, but this groundbreaking revolution reveals opportunities where only the imagination sets boundaries.

However, the idea of ​​the Internet of Things is far from new. Already in 1999, the term “Internet Of Things,” often abbreviated to IoT, was first used by researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

It was pointed out that in the future, machines and things could collect, record, analyze, and present data over the Internet and that “future” is what you and I are experiencing at the moment. It is predicted that by 2020, there will be up to 21 billion devices all around the globe connected with the “Internet of Things.”

This number is enough to indicate how immense the ecosystem of IoT would become and how it will be almost unmanageable for a person to stay away from this phenomenon.

In Conclusion

The impact of the technological revolution on our everyday life is so severe that all the knowledge of the world (public or concealed) can be found while browsing the world wide web. We are witnesses of reality where devices are starting to develop a kind of human emotion and intelligence that is unprecedented in human beings.

The Internet provides us with the opportunity to stay online at any given moment and even live life on the road while doing all our duties online and fulfilling our dreams. Now more than ever in human history, you are presented with a chance to shape your reality easier and faster than it ever was. All thanks to the fruits of technological revolution and the ability to adapt to one.

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