There is still a not so hot debate among SEO experts regarding the importance of continuing to track keywords ranking in this era. There are those who feel like doing the right thing for your content will always get you where you want to be and that tracking rank is a waste of time and resources. However, we both know that the SEO industry is always evolving and it is evolving very fast and it is important to remain in the know about the performance of your website at all times. You could be at the top of the SERP today and tomorrow, you are at the fifth position. Now, how would you know that it you don’t monitor your SERP consistently?

In this article, I am going to look at some of the reasons why it is important to track how your keywords rank in search engines.

Troubleshoot traffic drops

Like I explained above, site ranking changes every day and so does traffic. Traffic drops happen every day and they are caused by various factors such as updates in Google’s algorithms. Google is known to make several updates to its algorithms every year and some of them are usually confirmed while others are never confirmed. Chances that the traffic to your website will be affected by these updates are always high.

Besides updates, drops in traffic may also be caused by several other factors such as penalty imposed by the spam team at Google, a technical glitch in your site that is throwing the position of your keywords off, or testing of new SERP features done by Google. To determine the exact cause of traffic drop on your site, conducting a keyword track is the best first step. This will work much better for you if you have been tracking your keyword ranking for some time now so that you can understand the trend and changes in position.

Identify new opportunities

There have been a lot of changes in search results over the years and the ten, blue ticks we once loved and knew are no longer the same. All these changes serve to make the user experience better. However, whereas the user gets to enjoy, SEO experts have more trouble tracking changes, at least without keyword rank tracking especially with backlinks from gov websites. You need rank tracking data to understand how you website as well as that of competitors has been performing over time. You can track thousands of keywords simultaneously to keep track of what is happening in your specific niche business.

When you track keyword rankings, you also get to identify missed opportunities from zero-click searches. This is where users search for specific keywords, get the search engine results, but don’t click on any of the results that come up because they are not relevant to what they were looking for. You can use SERP tracker online free of charge to ensure that you never miss an opportunity like that again.

Monitor your competitors

Success in any business requires monitoring your competitor in so many ways. You want to know how their websites are performing against yours so that you can take steps to reduce the gap. Tracking keyword ranking can provide you with all the relevant data you need to know the exact performance of your competitors.