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As the year comes to an end, you’re probably getting ready for business to slow down or your annual shutdown. Investing in Electrical Engineering Software may be the last task on your mind, but have you ever considered that January may be the best time to buy Electrical Engineering Software? Now may be the right time to purchase the software you’ve been interested in but haven’t had the time to implement.

Why you should invest in Electrical Engineering Software in January

January is often a quiet month for businesses. If you’re preparing for a slow month, now’s the best time to sign up for Electrical Engineering Software. You can start training your team in January before a busy new year begins if you sign up now. The best part about this is your staff will be feeling refreshed after their December break, and they may be more eager to learn the new software than at the end of the year when they’re tired. When new jobs start coming in again, your electricians will be ready to use the system in the field. As software providers may also have more time on their hands in January, your employees will get the attention and training they need to get them ready to use the system for the rest of the year.

The benefits

Don’t wait for the new year to roll around to get started with Electrical Engineering Software. Set up your system at the beginning of the year and start enjoying these benefits sooner rather than later.

Easier to plan ahead

It’s easier to plan when you use one system to manage every aspect of your business. With Electrical Engineering Software, you can schedule jobs ahead of time, making it easier to find time to allocate ad hoc jobs to your technicians. You can also see which tasks they’re currently working on, those they still need to work on, and when they’re available for new jobs. It’s also easier to make time for emergency jobs when you can view the whole working day, week or month and find an available time slot or reschedule other projects. You can also allocate jobs to the nearest available technicians with vehicle tracking.

Boost productivity and efficiency 

It’s easier to oversee all your team and their ongoing projects with Electrical Engineering Software. The system lets you view all your active, inactive and completed jobs, and your technicians can provide updates while they’re on-site. If you see that your technicians spend too much time on tasks, you can find out why and work to improve their efficiency. With job scheduling, you can allocate jobs to electricians with the right skills to get the work done in the shortest time possible.

Reduce admin time from the get-go

Electrical Engineering Software comes with a range of tools to reduce admin time. You can easily convert leads to quotes to send to customers from your mobile device, whether in the office or on-site. You can view the quote status and, once accepted, create and schedule jobs. The software also makes it easier to manage your invoices, and you can immediately generate an invoice once a job has been completed. You can also keep track of outstanding payments and set up email reminders for clients who haven’t paid.

Sign up for Electrical Engineering Software and get started in the new year

Don’t wait for another year to pass – sign up for Electrical Engineering Software today and start your training in January. Make sure your team is ready to tackle the new year confidently with a system that improves your team’s efficiency and simplifies the day-to-day running of your electrical engineering business.

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