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Key points to opening a juice bar

A concept with the wind in its sails, the fruit juice bar is riding the “healthy food” wave, with consumers wanting to focus on fresh and healthy products.

Do you want to open a place that sells fruit juice? Good news: this article has all the information you need to know before you start.

Market research for a fruit juice bar

Before opening a fruit juice bar, you will need to conduct market research to verify your project’s commercial validity and define the best strategy to put in place for your juice bar.

In-depth research of industry trends, a detailed analysis of your competitors and a careful study of your potential clientele should be part of the market research for a juice bar.

The French fruit juice bar market


The USA are big fruit juice consumers, and the annual per capita consumption has increased from 3-4 liters at the beginning of the twentieth century to 22 liters.

So, the French market for fruit juice is 1.5 billion liters, making France the second largest market in Europe after Germany. The French market is known for how important the Premium segment of pure juices is: more than half of the juices and nectars sold are pure (Nielsen volumes in CAM P1314 and UNIJUS).

Regarding distribution, it’s clear that supermarkets are in the lead since only 11% of fruit juices are drunk outside the home. The idea behind fruit juice bars is to make fruit and vegetable juices right in front of the customer so that all the vitamins stay intact.

Fruit juice bars are based on ideas made in Australia and the U.S. to fight against junk food and provide easy-to-get, healthy, and natural food options that don’t sacrifice taste.

Typology of the fruit juice bar market

Many franchises are present in the juice bar market.

We note that mobile juice bars are also presented in the form of small compact stands that can be installed easily and quickly anywhere.

Future trends of the fruit juice bar market in France

We can see that cold-pressed juices are becoming more popular. This means that the Juice is pressed slowly without being heated or exposed to air, so it keeps all its vitamins, nutrients, and minerals. We don’t use a mixer or a centrifuge. Instead, we use a hydraulic press. This American trend fits right in with organic and healthy products.

Finding a location for your fruit juice bar

After researching the juice bar market, you need to find a local one.

Your juice bar business plan success will depend on where you decide to put it. Make sure to choose a place that is easy to get to and see on a busy axis. Set your sights on a room near where your ideal customers hang out, like near a gym or a college campus.

You can also take over a fruit juice bar that is already open. This will give you a room that is already set up and a customer base.

Choosing the legal structure of your juice bar

The next step in opening a juice bar is to decide how the law will treat your business.

Choosing how the law will recognize your juice bar is an important step that will influence many aspects of your business, including the corporate tax regime, your liability for debts of the company, and your social regime as a manager.

To make your choice under the best conditions, take the time to find out. Then, read our guide to learn about the different legal statuses you can have.

What people and things are needed to open a fruit juice bar?

Once you’ve found a place for your juice bar and decided how it will be set up legally, it’s time to think about the people and things you’ll need to keep it running smoothly. First, you will have to take care of the layout and decoration of your premises per the regulations in force. You will also need to invest in furniture and industrial kitchen equipment: dishes, juicers, blenders, juicers, refrigerated bins, cup dispensers, etc.

The second step: is the recruitment of staff, which is essential. Indeed, the sense of hospitality Compared to your competitors, the speed of your servers can make all the difference.

Lastly, setting up a fruit juice bar means getting insurance and maybe hiring an accountant to help you keep track of your money.

The marketing plan for a juice bar

An effective marketing plan is essential to make your juice bar known and retain your customers.

You can do a few things here. You can, in particular:

A juice bar business plan

Writing a business plan for your fruit juice bar is another important step in your project.

The business plan is a document with a written part that describes the project and its assets and a numerical part that shows how profitable it could be and how much money it needs.

This detailed document will help you determine if the project will make money and be a must-have when looking for funding.

You can use online business plan software if you’re new to writing business plans and don’t know how to do it. Or just hire a business plan consultant and he will help you by preparing an exceptional business plan.

There are several benefits to using specialized software:

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