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Kid-Friendly Casino Resorts for Your Next Family Vacation

Young couples love spending nights out on the town. A few drinks, many laughs and trips to casinos are fun ways to spend the weekend.

But when those exciting young couples have children, fun nights at casinos seem to come to an end. They begin heading to the park or the zoo rather than taking a weekend trip to gamble a little.

There is no reason for the fun to stop when there are so many casino resorts that cater to children and families of all types!

Casino resorts can be found across the country and around the world, offering various forms of entertainment for all ages. Shows for the kids, game rooms for the teens and casinos for the parents are just some of the options that resorts usually offer.

Bring the whole family on a getaway to have the maximum amount of fun.

Gold Reef City – Johannesburg, South Africa

If you are looking to travel the world with your family, South Africa might be a great adventure. Africa has recently seen an increase in casinos because of the government’s realization that the industry is booming.

South Africa in particular houses a significant number of these casinos, many of which attract crowds of all ages.

Gold Reef City resort is a great option for families because of its unique attractions. It offers a casino for adults along with a full amusement and water park for the kids!

Don’t worry if you don’t want to do rides every day. Gold Reef City also has multiple shows every day for the family to enjoy.

You could have quite the experience during a trip to South Africa. Your kids and you will love it equally.

Ocean Casino Resort – Atlantic City, NJ

On the east coast of the United States, Atlantic City sits with many attractive hotel-casinos.

Ocean Casino Resort has recently changed management and is going through some major improvements. While the stunning casino is the main focus of the building, there are many other attractions for the family.

Topgolf is a major selling feature of this recently upgraded establishment. It also boasts delicious dining options and a unique multi-purpose venue for various types of shows.

No matter what your family enjoys, there is something for everybody to enjoy.

ARIA Resort & Casino – Las Vegas, NV

If you want to gamble, Las Vegas is probably the first place you thought of going. Your second thought was probably that there is nothing there for kids. 

That isn’t necessarily true! At the ARIA Resort and Casino, there is something for everyone. 

Sure, the biggest attraction of Vegas might be the bright casino floors with the famous Vegas slots (great, in-depth guide on how to play slots here). They are also known for their lavish overnight amenities, exotic shows, and fabulous dining options, which the whole family will love.

The ARIA resort also hosts its own live shows that anyone can attend. Another feature that any teenager would love is an immense game room. It will give them the Vegas feel without gambling real money.

While the kids play in their game room, the parents can enjoy the real casino games that Vegas is known for.

Don’t settle for anything less than the best casino resort when you take a trip to Las Vegas.

Konocti Vista Casino Resort – Lakeport, California

If you aren’t interested in the busy city-style gambling, a trip to Clear Lake might be more your family’s speed.

The resorts in Clear Lake are right near the lake, offering various nature activities like boating and hiking. Of course, each has a casino as well.

Konocti Vista is the largest resort with the most to do for families. It hosts large bass tournaments and is right on the water so you can dock your boat and stay overnight.

It is also near awesome fishing sites along with kayaking and swimming locations. What’s more, there are some amazing antique shops nearby.

For a more relaxed gambling excursion, Clear Lake might be the right place to visit.


Atlantis Paradise Island Resort – The Bahamas

If you are interested in cruising or flying to the Carribean with your family, the Bahamas is notorious for its stunning attraction, Atlantis.

There is nothing Atlantis does not have. Your kids will never want to leave this beautiful island full of activity.

Their property houses waterparks, pools, golfing, shows, beaches, and excursions to surreal experiences. If you want to touch dolphins, Atlantis has a way to help you do that.

Once you give your children these experiences by day, you get to hit the casinos by night. With over 700 slot machines, you can try to win in so many ways. Many others have done it before!

The casino has slots for every type of player, high-rollers and casual players alike. It also has table games and sports betting so everyone can gamble how they love.

Atlantis is a great trip for families with young children, teenagers, or whole groups of adults. There is so much to do that makes the adventure worth your time.

How to Prepare for a Gambling Trip

According to Lucian Marinescu at  OnlineCasinoGems, “if you are ready to go on your gambling excursion, it is a good idea to get in some practice before betting too much on high-stakes games. There’s a lot of pressure when you actually visit a casino in person – from your friends, other players or even the dealers. So it’s best to get into the groove on your own ahead of time.”

One of the best ways to get ready for your first casino experience is by heading to an online casino, where you can get used to the idea of slots and even learn to play some new table games!

Find a fun online casino with awesome bonuses to strategize the best ways to play. Many games even offer free rounds of play so you don’t have to risk any money at first!

If you’re lucky, you can find an online casino that is affiliated with a live casino resort. Sometimes the points carry over so you can keep playing in person!

Bring the whole family the next time you head out on a casino vacation. Casino resorts can be fun for everyone, not just gambling-aged adults.

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