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South Korea is popular for its K-Dramas and K-POP idols. More significantly it is also popular for its plastic surgeries. The high level of technical infrastructure it provides for cosmetic surgeries is renowned in the whole world. On top of that, the expenses that the surgeries come under are far cheaper than in countries like The United States of America, Brazil, etc.

Altering your body and face with a knife is very common in South Korea. Unlike other countries where even the surgeries of actors and actresses raise controversies, speculations, and tribulations, South Korea is very progressive. Undergoing cosmetic surgeries are common even among ordinary people.


Eyes are considered the most significant facial feature that makes a person appear beautiful. It balances the overall proportion of face. Wider eyes are meant to be more gorgeous. Epicanthoplasty is a popular Korean plastic surgery that widens the eye.

It is more commonly known as a nose job. A nose should ideally cover 1/3rd of the whole face and its proportion should be according to the size and features of the other facial features. Many Koreans undergo Rhinoplasty to get a poignant and slim nose.

Koreans consider an ideal body type should be petite and thin. Treatments such as Liposuction, fat removal injections, surgical laser toning are used to get a beautiful body shape. Even when an intense workout routine and dieting don’t help, the removal of fat cells from the torso, back, and legs prove to be worthy.

Another popular Korean plastic surgery is also skin whitening. There are plenty of injections, creams, and laser treatments that bring out an even color by removing the dark pigmented areas and toning the skin fairer.

It is a very simple surgery to undergo, to treat damaged or yellowish teeth.

People with bald patches and thinning hair often choose to go for Hair transplants. Intact hair follicles are replaced from various parts of the body to your head.

Modern beauty standards call people with a rounded forehead and a V-line chin ideal. A common Korean plastic surgery, this surgery does not take a lot of time and contours your face in perfect proportion.

As we age, our once perfectly radiant face starts to lose beauty. And often people tend to lose their confidence because of that. Facelift, Neck life, Fat removal, and many other surgeries are used as a part of Anti-Aging treatments.

Many times, Korean women choose to go for breast implants, breast shaping, and other such treatments to make their bodies look fuller and more proportional.

southeast Asians mostly have monolids. Their eyelid doesn’t have a natural crease. So, double eyelid surgery is used to create that crease that makes the eyes look larger and more beautiful.

These were some of the most prominent Korean plastic surgery known. Seoul, also known as the plastic surgery capital of the world provides the best facilities for these treatments.

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