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Kratom and CBD Female Entrepreneurs Who Have “Made It”

ByDave Stopher

Nov 13, 2019 #health

CBD stands for cannabidiol and was discovered in the early 19th century. Ever since is discovery, millions of people have used it as a medicine. On the other hand kratom is a controversial plant which is found in many different parts of Southeast Asia. Both of these compounds enjoy global popularity with millions of people consuming them every day. CBD is legal in most countries in the world, and there is enough medical evidence which supports its use as a medicine. However there is no medical evidence which supports kratom to be used as a drug.

The critics say both can have negative effects on the body, but the number of consumers for both the compounds continue to rise despite much criticism. In this article we will guide you through an introduction of a few women who have carved their edges and set foot in the kratom and CBD industry. If you want to try a sample of good quality kratom powder you must buy white kratom from kratom crazy.

Following is a list of females who have made it:

  1. Dr Alex Capano

She is one of the pioneers in the CBD industry and holds a doctorate in medicinal cannabis. She completed her studies after having served many years as a nurse. She holds the distinction of being the first female to receive a doctorate in cannabis in the US. She is currently working as a chief science officer at EcoFibre limited, which is a famous company. This firm also owns Ananda Hamp. She is working to unearth many benefits of CBD in future.

  1. Bianca Monica

Monica is the CEO of Limone Creative which is a female-led creative agency. She is passionate about digital marketing and has established her career in it. However, she decided to expand her work and join cannabis market to understand why people need it. She set out on a mission to meet multiple women in the Cannabis series and ask them about their experience. She successfully conducted a women cannabis event in New York and donated more than $1000 to a national bailout fund.

  1. Janice Buu

Founder of Kana Skincare caused much controversy after she introduced her CBD infused lavender sleeping masks. She started working as a behavioral therapist but developed interest in CBD when she saw her autistic daughter showing signs of improvement with cannabis drops. Buu smuggled cannabis for quite some time to her father who was in China. This was when she started to introduce CBD sleep masks in the market. She currently sells vegan products which are infused with CBD.

  1. Kimberly Dillon

She is one of those people who worked hard to get CBD legalized in her state. She is the owner of CMO and Papa Barkley. She is a social activist who actively promotes CBD and tries to break the stereotypical myths which bother people. She used to work as a corporate employee but left for packaged goods when she felt transformed after having consumed CBD. She’s interested in introducing more CBD infused products for women. She believes there’s still a long way to go for CBD.

These were just some of the iconic women who transformed the herb industry. The list goes on as more women continue to take interest in controversial herbs and plants.

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