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Lloyd Newcastle Rolls out £2,000 Go Green Car Incentive Scheme

A North East-based MINI and BMW car retailer is joining the drive to cut air pollution with the launch of a £2,000 incentive scheme aimed at encouraging owners of older diesels to go green.

Lloyd Newcastle BMW and Lloyd Newcastle MINI is offering the enticement to drivers of diesel-powered cars of Euro-4 emissions standard or older.

The initiative is part of a wider BMW Group UK Lower Emissions Allowance scheme being rolled-out across the country targeting the owners of diesels typically made prior to 2009.

Covering any make of diesel vehicle, motorists can receive up to £2,000 off a range of cleaner vehicles which produce emissions of 130g per kilometre or less.

This includes the BMW i3, i8, all BMW i Performance models, and MINI Countryman PHEV.

The BMW and MINI offer is available until December 31 this year.

Michelle Caveney, Head of Business at Lloyd Newcastle on Barrack Road, said: “This contribution is in addition to the trade-in value of the car and any other Government or retailer incentives that are currently in place, and allows drivers to swap their older make for a cleaner, more efficient BMW or MINI.

“Lloyd Newcastle BMW and Lloyd Newcastle MINI both have a fantastic range of low emission vehicles to choose from. And the additional £2,000 we are offering off all new BMW and MINI vehicles with emissions of 130g per kilometre or less, makes it easier than ever for motorists to drive-off in a new, cleaner vehicle.

“With the new 67 number plate, what could be a better time to trade up to a new car that boasts exceptional performance coupled with outstanding fuel economy, and class leading CO₂ emissions?”

More than 80% of vehicles in BMW’s range currently record emissions of 130g per kilometre or less, while MINI has 70% in this category.

To ensure fairness for those customers wishing to upgrade to a cleaner, more modern vehicle, they will be given a suitable average price for their existing car.

This is provided they have owned it for at least 12 months and the new lower emissions is bought in the same name and address as the older car they are replacing.

Car buyers wishing to check their current car is Euro-4 or older and will qualify for the scheme can visit: http://carfueldata.direct.gov.uk/search-new-or-used-cars.aspx

Prospective customers who wish to see if their current vehicle qualifies for the scheme can visit www.lloydmotorgroup.com/BMW-We-Want-Your-Diesel or www.lloydmotorgroup.com/MINI-We-Want-Your-Diesel

Graeme Grieve, CEO of BMW Group UK, said: “BMW offers the widest range of low emission vehicles of any manufacturer. We were the first premium marque to make a clear commitment to electric mobility and having a range of sustainable mobility options too.

“We know in the early phases that people still need some incentive to make the jump to fully electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles and that is why we are delighted to announce this new allowance.

“For those who the alternative drivetrains do not suit their lifestyle, we still offer allowance qualifying Euro-6 compliant petrol and diesel engine cars that are cleaner than ever.”


  • Get in touch with the team at Lloyd Newcastle on 0191 261 7366 for advice on if you qualify for the BMW Group UK Lower Emissions Allowance for a new BMW i3, i8, BMW i Performance models and MINI Countrymen PHEV.


By Emily