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London ranks among cities with the most predictable weather in Europe

Unpredictable weather can make or break a holiday, day trip, or even just a day at home. But which European capital city has the most predictable weather according to historical data?

Keen to find out, looked into 35* European capital cities, and ranked their weather’s unpredictability based on six factors: cloud cover, frequency of frosty days, rain, temperature, frequency of wet days, and sunshine duration. Unpredictability was calculated based on the changes in each city’s weather data. can reveal that London in the UK has the fourth most predictable weather in Europe. Whilst predictable weather doesn’t necessarily mean good weather, it means tourists and locals are able to more easily prepare for the season ahead.

Overall, London finishes with an unpredictability score of just 26/100, making it the capital city with the fourth most predictable weather in Europe. London’s most predictable weather phenomenon is its cloud cover, receiving an unpredictability score of 10% due to its predictability.

The city with the most predictable weather is Valletta in Malta, followed by Nicosia in Cyprus, and Dublin in Ireland!

On the other end of the scale, found that Tallin in Estonia has the most unpredictable weather of all European capital cities. In second is Riga in Latvia, followed by Helsinki in Finland.

For full rankings, see Uswitch’s blog post: 

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