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Making the Most of Your University Studies


Sep 10, 2017 #education, #Students

If you head off to university, you’re likely to have all sorts of thoughts running through your head. What will the course be like? Will it be want I want? What will the people be like? How will I settle into a study routine? While there’ll be lots of fun things to do, places to see and nights to go out on, it’s important that you don’t lose sight of why you are at university – to study. Here are some top tips on getting the most out of your course, helping you to get that final grade you’re setting your sights on.

Go to Your Lectures

When you arrive at university, it’s a whole new world. Lots of potential distractions, a new sense of personal freedom. It’s maybe the first time you’ve lived away from home and you feel like you can now call the shots.

That doesn’t mean you don’t attend some of your lectures. They’re a fundamental part of your university studies, guiding you through a well-trodden course structure – and providing the basis for work you will be doing outside the classroom. If you don’t attend, you may miss out on vital bits of information or detail which could make the difference between you passing and failing an assignment. They’re also a great platform for asking questions, debating topics and focusing on what matters.

If you do have to miss a lecture, for whatever reason, it’s important that you try to catch up and keep on track. Ask a friend if you can get a copy of their notes, or do some extra reading around the topic you missed out on.

Take Note

When you’re at a lecture, try to get copies of handouts or slides – there could be some online resources you can tap into, if you tutor doesn’t have any copes to give you.

You should make notes during your lecture, and stick to key points and information if you’re unable to make notes quickly. You can always go over any missed bits with a friend or your tutor afterwards. Keep a tidy record of your notes afterwards, you could always scan them into an app. And obviously read through them as revision.

At home, you should keep a tidy work area, with your notes at hand. Thankfully you will have space to do this in your luxury student accommodation Nottingham if you have used Collegiate to provide your home.

Prepare for Your Classes

Like any sort of meeting in life, you shouldn’t turn up unprepared for your university classes. If your tutor asked you to do some reading, or come up with some ideas, last time you met, then that’s exactly what you should have done. That doesn’t mean packing it quickly as you get on the university bus or in the lunch break. Preparation is key to succeeding in your studies.

When you’re at your classes, get involved as much as possible, putting forward ideas and getting actively involved in discussions and debates. This will help with your studies, and build confidence and leadership skills at the same time.

Remember also, that if you don’t understand something, then ask! Your tutor or your fellow students can help shed light on what you’re looking at.

Don’t Forget Your Coursework!

Coursework is a big part of your university studies. You should allocate the time needed to complete it. It shouldn’t be rushed. Essays take longer than half an hour to research and write! Set yourself personal goals and deadlines and stick to them – and, most importantly, submit your coursework on time.

By Emily