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Married Premier League players sex party scandal uncovered

Many of the escorts at this originally German agency have told their stories, and said it is normal to frequently see personalities from the worlds of sport, film and politics in the parties they work at.

Escorts earning up to 20,000 Euros a month

This lucrative business has enabled many of these women to charge between 500 and 2500 Euros an hour. Some negotiate up to 15 thousand Euros for two weeks, depending on the type of client and their purchasing power.

Now, don’t worry, if your budget doesn’t allow you to pay an escort 2,500 Euros an hour, you can find the company of fantastic escorts in the UK a different way.

Many of these women are earning up to half a million Euros; not bad at all. The agency has been savvy enough to get into the jetsetting world of sports and has taken advantage of its clients’ fortunes, and we are sure after this scandal they will continue to use its services.

A club just for millionaires

One controversial element of this news is the fact that this company, which organises sexual encounters, demands that its clients prove they have enough money before it will accept their bookings.

And how much does Cinderella Escorts demand in order to form part of its distinguished clientele? You must have a provable capital of 11.5 million Euros. In addition, every member must pay 34 thousand Euros annually in order to be able to attend and enjoy the company’s exclusive parties around the world.

Interestingly, these celebrations, in pure Roman orgy style, take place in prestigious mansions, palaces and luxury yachts, and there are no inhibitions. There is everything you could want, and all fantasies can be fulfilled.

Players with specific tastes

Among the comments made by several escorts regarding their experiences of sexual encounters with footballers, some stand out. For example, one client hired three escorts on a private yacht and asked them to defecate and urinate on him. Strangely, there was no sexual contact at all.

Others enjoy being dominated and ask the women to dress as dominatrixes and use strap-ons to penetrate them. Others still have foot fetishes.

Among the most eccentric preferences is that of a player who likes women to enjoy his money and take advantage of it. One of the escorts told how this particular person paid for trips on private jets for her as well as dinners, and enjoyed watching her spend his money.



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